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Beautiful autumn day on Åland (Finland).

Traditional houses where you keep your boat!

The last flowers standing their ground towards fall.

What would have been a weekend on the Åland Islands (Finland), has turned out to a full week of vacation.

So I decided to stay on Åland for a while, instead of hurrying back to Malmö. Got my family here, so I’m hanging out with them, chilling and playing with my dog. Yesterday I had an ice-cream with Lucas Gustavsson, a Swedish/Finnish fashion blogger. He is kinda like a childhood friend to me, so I’m always happy to see him. We talked about the future, and all the energy that goes into a well groomed and interesting blog. I started this blog to have a place to write about stuff I’m thinking about, and to be in charge of what people do with my name online. It’s never really been about popularity or “today’s outfit”…

Also, some great news that really made me happy: a Swedish company called Dohi Entertainment have bought the IP of MilMo! They have stated on MilMo’s developer blog that the game will go live again, that all avatars and items will be intact! So all you MilMonauts, get ready to play your favorite game again!

Adventurer Weekend!


Summer in Finland!

We climbed rocks and went adventuring on an abandoned island with old Russian forts on it.


Spent the weekend at a friend’s summer house, here at the Åland Islands. Åland (a bunch of small islands in the ocean, right between Finland and Sweden), consist of something like 6000 small islands, most of them totally empty from people. Me and my friends explored caves, went for a swim in the ice cold water (it’s summer here and the water is supposed to be warm, but for now it’s only abut 16 degrees Celsius?!). I even climbed 4 meters up on a rock, squeezed myself trough tiny cracks and felt quite proud when we reached the top.


Fun Beverages In Finland!

Muumin soda! This is the best soda in the world!

Angry Birds soda! Tastes like chicken?

One liter of bear beer! The other can is a regular Coca Cola…

I’m back after a week in the Finnish wilderness, near the town of Vaasa. I think my trip can best be described as “going to rehab”. We left for a small cottage on the middle of an island in the Northern Finnish archipelago. This island lacks both tap water and electricity, so as a result I only used Internet for about 60 sec each day, which must be regarded as some kind of stupid record on my side. This week as been all about reading good books (“The World Accoring to Garp“), swimming (it was a lovely 15 degrees C in the water) and sleeping well. One bad, beautiful detail is that the sun never really sets during summer this far up North. Feels weird to sleep when it’s still lit outside…

I’ll post more pictures later, but here’s at least ome photos of the strange and fun beverages I could find at the local super market, in the small town near our island. Since Angry Birds are from Finland, the merchandise is practically everywhere and even my grandma has heard about this game…Since I got some time to rest my brain new ideas of what to write about started to pop up! I have some awesome ideas for longer posts like the one on mindless behavior.

Anyway, more photos about the place I visited later when I managed to transfer the photos from my camera to the computer. If you want updates in the meanwhile, follow my twitter here.


My Home Town

Went to Finland this Easter. In other words I went Home. With a big “H”.

Sometimes I forget I actually moved abroad 4,5 years ago to study and work. Sweden and Finland are kinda the same, except for some fun cultural stuff and the language.

Anyways, until I got my my pictures from the Easter vacation in Finland, here’s some photos from last time I went Home. The pictures are taken by my dear friend Julia. Click here to visit her blog. She is drawing all her blog pictures using paint!

A walk by the sea. I love being in the nature!

There's a lot f wildlife where I come from xD

We found a field full of sun flowers, late fall of 2011


First really cold day today.

They say there’s a possibility of seeing northern lights today.

Picture from when I still lived in Finland, taken by my dear friend Hannus. In Finland it gets really cold during winters. I’m actually standing on the frozen sea. Some years the ice is so thick people get into their cars and drive over the sea to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden…