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Bring The Party

Sometimes it feels like Malmö is full of game developers. Last weekend I hang out with the crew from the Malmö based game studio Southend at a nice party. Met with a bunch of interesting ppl from both Sweden, Brazil and New York!

This guy had a cool Link tattoo on his neck!

High heels to bring some party feeling. I was actually very tired after a long week at work. Our new game Tuff Tanks is finally in beta.


Weekly Work Photos Week 7 2012


Visit to the ER.

Hi all, as you know I’ve been ill most of this week (and the weekend after Casual Connect last week). Both me and my friend Malte from Triolith Entertainment got infected by this super flu from Germany…It’s really boring to stay at home all day long, just resting and drinking water. The good thing is that when you are bored you get a ton of new ideas and energy do your best when you are back to work!

Om nom nom!

Back to what’s been happening at work! This week the whole Junebud Crew have been working hard and on Thursday a big bucket of marshmallows magically appeared on the kitchen table!

This week I found out about the computer game development event “Utvecklarpriset 2012“. It’s an award to highlight game developers in Sweden. There are A LOT of computer game development happening in Sweden at the moment with Mojang, DICE and King.com to mention a few. The event itself is a good thing to do, but I got a bit disappointed when not a single female was nominated for anything, but 116 males. It’s not like I think you need to nominate females just for the sake of it, but I  think the list of nominees gave the wrong impression; like there’s no females working in the Swedish game industry at all, or at least not any talented ones…And I know a bunch of talented women building games!

Later on I found out it looks like there might been some other problems with this event, like there was no category for “best programmer”, and in some categories they mixed developers with studios, even thou the category said “people only”. A game studio was even nominated as “Best Online Game”? And one guy was nominated in all categories. This event caused a lot of rage (and some praise) within game developers in Sweden. It turned out there was no jury choosing what peopel should be up for the prize, but everyone could freely nominate whoever they wanted. Hopefully the event itself will be fun and I wish all my fellow developers good luck in Stockholm tonight!

I feel this is turning into a much longer post than intended. I try not to write that much about politics or come across like a raging feminist since a lot of them get death treats online for expressing concerns about the fact women are being treated badly around the world. Some day I will write about what I feel regarding booth babes, women developing games and what problems we still have in the Nordic countries. I don’t hate men or anything, so don’t get me wrong. In the mean time, check this blog out about women and gaming. Its fun and well written!

Casual Connect 2012 Part 2

Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Kind of shady and has a vivid nightlife. Like last year there's a party here at club Halo for game developers during Casual Connect.

All in all we stayed in Hamburg for 3 nights and 4 days. It’s hard work to visit these kinds of conferences. You meet an awful lot of cool people, you need to take notes and photos if very important information, you need to do much face-work and after a 9-5 day at the lectures it’s usually time for some kind of mingle party with loud music and late nights. Alcohol is often free. I tend to take a beer or a soft drink since I need to stay on top the next day. It’s very important to rest when you can and remember to eat properly.

Zynga held a lecture about data driven game design. Interestingly enough no questions were allowed after the session and she disappeared before enyone had the chance to catch her for an exchange of business cards...


My top tips for surviving a game developer conference is:

1. Make sure you get time to rest, eat and sleep. It’s important to take care of yourself and listen to your body. If you are traveling far you might be jet lagged and if you don’t reserve time for sleeping and eating properly you will most likely end up catching some kind of cold or asking someone to kill you when the conference is over. Or more likely, you will need to take a day off next week in order to get back in shape.

"Battle of the Marketing Executives"! Four marketers battling about how to market a small fictional game called "Zebras on Skateboards". This is King.com performing :D

2. Bring a notebook, a camera or some kind of recording device with you. There are different kinds of conferences, some are more business focused (Casual Connect), some meant for developers (Nordic Game Conference) while others are a mix of gamers and developers (GamesCom). If you have payed a lot of money to attend lectures, make sure you are able to take all that precious info back to your company. I have a notebook and an iPhone I use to take pictures of all the power point slides, and writing down the really interesting stuff. Trust me, you won’t remember all that info when you get back to work, your brain needs all the help it can get on this one! Pro tip: take a photo of the first slide in the power point presentation telling the audience what kind of lecture this is and the contact info. This way you will be able to sort one endless row of power point slides from another when looking at your pictures in the computer later on. I’we even seen people record whole sessions and the e-mail them straight to their companies during lunch breaks.

Time to mingle, this time at club Halo. Dressing a bit more business.

3. Bring business cards and be professional. It’s easy to forget your business cards or your conference badge. Make sure you have plenty of fresh, up to date cards and guard your badge with your life. It’s not always that easy to get a new one if your old one gets lost at a mingle party or you leave it somewhere during a lunch. My best tip for a successful mingle is to start talking to the other conference goers (omg who could have guessed!?). A lot of them really wants to talk to other developers, but might be a bit shy. Present yourself and ask them what they are doing. People love talking about themselves, just be sure to pay attention and keep a pen in your pocket. After you get someone’s card, write down a few notes about the person or the company. This will be tremendously helpful when you try to remember who you want to stay in touch with, when you send follow up e-mails back at the office.

Ola and I will write a post about our trip to Casual Connect for the MilMo Developer blog at http://milmogame.blogspot.com/ next week. There you will get hold of more photos!

At Work w.3


Some photos from work. I really like working at Junebud, making computer games. We are a bunch of crazy, fun, hard working nerds and passionate people, giving it all in order to make magic happen. Our first title, MilMo, is an MMO set in a wondrous island world where players create their own hero, traveling from island to island, fighting monsters and solving quests. It’s a bit like Zelda + Super Mario meets second life.

MilMo is a 3D browser game and we were the first 3D Facebook game to use Unity. I’m so proud of my team for what they have accomplished since 2008 when the game was set in beta. We’ve come a long way since. This is does not focus on my job, but every once in a while I’ll update you with some pictures about it.

No office is complete without an office frog! This one lives on our lead scripter’s desk.

When we moved from our old place to the new one, during Christmas. A box of plants!

This week’s after work. A puzzle of 2,000 pieces…

After work, part 2. At our sound designer’s place, 03 AM recording dino sounds for the future! I was screaming so much I lost my voice for the following day…

Last after work of 2011, picture from our Christmas party. After eating a Smörgåsbord we went down town and had a really good time!

Armor design from Mass Effect 3.  I think she looks so badass I keep this one at my desk. Yeah!

If you want to know more about MilMo or Junbud, hit www.milmogame.com.