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Learning to Draw: Post #18

Mooar stuff and drawings to post!


1 hour, experimenting with gradients, layers and colors. Feel like I’m starting to understand what layer effects really do in PS. I also made a line art drawing to my friend Maria today. Let’s see what she decides to do with it : D Gonna show you when it’s done!


On the train between Uppsala and Stockholm today. Hah, I feel like all I ever do is going places, spending hours on the train, lol.


Ref in the upper left corner. Octopus like a sir! I love drawing animals and stuff living in the sea. I spent most of my childhood collecting bones and cutting apart dead animals to find out what they looked like inside, and I guess all that makes me more confident in drawing animals. Humans on the other hand: big fukking mystery.


I take all mu photos with my iPhone 4S. Really need a scanner. Sorry for the quality…


More drawing on the train!


Drawing on the train between Holsbybrunn and Stockholm. I traveled 10 hours to hold two lectures about game metrics and community management at a school that day. Had such a nice time!


Just a bunch of stuff I made during the week. I run a lot of SQL-queries at work, and they take about 60 sec to run. During that time I sometimes draw or doodle.

Just a bunch of stuff. Gave a lecture at a game design school this week, which was so much fun. I spent the whole day at the school, talking about how to increase your chances to work with video games, community management and game analytics!

This time I want to give you a heads up about an artist named Gabriella Liv. She went to the game dev school in Skövde, and today she creates beautiful art mixing digital painting and real life mediums like oil painting, studying at TAD. Click [here] to view more of her art.


Image by Gabriella L. Click [here] to view her DeviantArt gallery!


Image by Gabriella L. Amazing light and colors! She really have developed so much during just a few years : D

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