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Learning To Draw: Post #20

Hi guys, gonna make this as quick as possible. Sine yesterday I’m home from work. My right eye is totally fucked up right now, and after Monday’s visit to the doctor he told me I need to rest my eyes from reading text on a screen. So I limited my computer use to 1 hour/day until this problem is fixed. Short story: the muscles making sure my right eye is able to focus on stuf are failing. Got new glasses this winter, but for some reason the glasses are not helping anymore and I get a really nasty headache and dizziness after just a few minutes reading text or focusing on small details. Time to stop writing, time is ticking away. This batch of stuff marks 6 months since I started my “Learning To Draw”-project, and my 20th posts about this small adventure. Cake for me, drawings for you:


Collage of all the stuff I made for this so far. K-k-keep on pushing!


Haha I’m pretty sure you are getting tired of my sentences starting with “on the train to…”, but the thing is that I ride a lot of trains these days. In fact I spend something like 20 hours on trains/buses/boats ever 14th day. That is equal to two trips to Egypt from Stockholm, there and back again. Gotta make sure I do something nice with those hours, right? This is made with a red pencil I found in Malmö. Drawing quick, cartoony stuff on the train since it’s difficult to make straight lines or small detail when stuff is rocking from side to side. I want o practice more on making sure standing characters get proper feet and wight in their hip-area.


Experimenting with my red pencil, mixing it with my ordinary one. I like to draw scary stuff sometimes.


After reading Andrew Loomis’s book “Drawing the head and hands” I finally managed to understand the hand is actually a small bowl. How come I have never noticed this before. I now try to measure the proportions of the hand.


Skull and face.


First thing I drew after almost a week without drawing or painting. Trying to create faces and heads using another style than the one I usually go for. Experimenting is fun and something one should do a lot.


Muscles and pose study from a photograph, 1 hour.


Front view study of muscles, 1 hour. Photo ref found on the awesome site “Figure and Gesture Drawing” [link]. They got tons of photos of both humans and animals, chek it out! Thanks to Mary-Q for the tip!

So I guess I can’t really draw anything digitally on my computer before I eliminate this eye-problem. Until that I’m gonna see if it’s even possible to draw the old school way, or if that will bring back the headache and pains. I’m sure it will all be OK, just gotta wait for that next visit to the doctor. I was reading my friend Karrey’s blog the other week, and found this: “Doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop” it was much easier for me to stay peaceful in difficult times of creating and lack of free time to draw. I figured it’s important to learn to stay proud about my progress no matter how slow I am some days or if something turns out like shit constantly for weeks. It’s crucial to fail to succeed!”

This really got to me. I might need to take a brake from the stuff I love, drawing and work, but as long as I just don’t lie down on the bed and feel sorry for myself I think I will manage to bounce back. Karrey is a super skilled comic artist/animator and inspiring person! She was part of the Junebud Crew back in the days. You can check out her blog [here].


Image by Karrey. Some of her characteristic doodles!


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