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Amazing real life bug! It’s called “Golden Beetle”.

My letter from Hogwart’s finally arrived!


This place is called “Graveyard Island”…I see why.

I spent around 10 hours on the ferry this week.

Drawing spooky girls.

Wow, I can’t believe how much replies and re-tweets I got about my last post about self-esteem. I have never ever experienced that kind of attention on something I have written. Thank you all for your feedback! The fact that someone is reading what I write is quite astonishing in itself.

I have spent the last seven days at a summer house in southern Finland, near Finland’s second biggest town “Åbo”. Finally got to meet plenty of relatives I haven’t seen in years. Tried to chill, read books and watch nature. But at night I’m having troubles sleeping. I’m not really sure why, but I lay awake for some hours before I finally get to sleep. Have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. I think this problem could have it’s roots in the fact that life is very exciting right now. It just feels like there is so much out there to experience and to do. It simply feels like sleeping is a waste of time. Anyway, need to find a way of relaxing, or I will look like my creepy girl in the photo, haha!

These photos are from my Instagram where I’m called Saxen8, jsut like on Twitter.