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Lecture At The Game Assembly School


Hello there selfie! I snapped a photo of my oh so serious outfit today, before giving a lecture at The Game Assembly school here in Malmö. I was invited to share my humble knowledge about how to work with metrics guided game development. The event lasted for about one hour, and I had prepared a slideshow with different case studies where we used data to help make successful decisions about the development of MilMo (the MMO made by Junebud, where I worked a few years ago). I talked a bit about the metrics system at Paradox that I helped put in place, and answered some questions from the students. It was so nice to meet with both the students and the teachers, very inspiring! The slideshow I showed contained a lot of images from MilMo, and I got a bit nostalgic. Working with MilMo was my first “real” employment in the industry, and I got to know so many interesting and awesome people. It was a shame really that the game never got as big as it deserved to be, but I’m super happy that it’s still around for the players who really loved it! Maybe it still have a shot at becoming something more? I will always hope so!


monopoly_milmo_by_1100ross-d5jfnhaGoogling for images of MilMo to fill my presentation with I stumbled across these lovely fan-made collages of images from MilMo. The first one is a deck of cards, the other one the MilMo version of monopoly. How cute! Creativity like this always makes me smile! The creator of these are a gut who calls himself 1100Ross.

I haven’t drawn that much this week, mostly went shopping for new furniture to the apartment, hunting for a new job and hanging out with friends. Tomorrow I’ll be traveling by train to Stockholm to meet up with my friend C who has just returned from 1,5 years abroad in Japan and Australia! She now works as a programmer in Stockholm, and we’re gonna spend the weekend together just relaxing and having fun. She is a wonderful person, one of my closest and best friends. We get to know each other six years ago in Skövde, and since the first time we spoke I knew I had found a person I wanted to hang out with and experience adventures together with <3 I’ll end this blog post by showing something I made this week. It’s a perspective drawing. Not too cool or fancy, but I. AM. MAKING. PROGRESS. I still struggle a lot, but I seem to understand how to use a grid and the concepts of vanishing points. But yeah, it looks like poop : D



World of The Dead

IMG_2559Since Junebud (the previous game company I worked for) has been dead for more than 6 months now, I feel like I can share this with you. Junebud delivered two games; MilMo and Tuff Tanks between 2009-2012. MilMo was a fun, colorful, friendly experience. Tuff Tanks was a bit more edgy, with some attitude, but still very light and suited for a younger casual audience. Today MilMo is still up and running, but Tuff Tanks (that’s owned by Aeria Games) I believe is removed from the app store by now. However, there were a third game that never really made it into the public space. A prototype, a last shot, that we poured all the energy and time we had left when we understood things might get tight. It was a zombie mmo called “World of The Dead”. We even got so far we had a working prototype up and running, cross platform. It was possible to play it on a PC together with someone playing on a tablet, at the same time, which is kinda cool!

IMG_2561The game was set in a dark, violent post-apocalyptic version of modern day USA. I think this was almost as far from MilMo as we could possibly go in many ways. A lot of the developers at Junebud had a background in creating heavy war games, and some of them just wanted to get away from that, creating MilMo. So I guess you need variation even when creating stuff? It can’t always be just shiny happy or dark gritty. Not for me anyways.


photoWhen Junebud went bankrupt, the IP to World of the Dead got no buyer, and I’we spoken to some of the old crew members, so I’m happy to show you what we did work on for the last couple of months. I know the world of game development sometimes is a hard place, full of broken dreams and crashed hopes. For every game that makes it to the app store or becomes an even modest selling hit, there are thousands of failed projects, games that lost founders or teams that just couldn’t finish their projects. At least I can now share with you the very last thing we poured all our tears, blood and midnight oil into. Enjoy!



Game Developer Events!


The only photo from GDC -10 I managed to find. Or I think it’s taken on the same day GDC Europe ended and Gamescom began. Many devs choose to visit them both when in Köln since they are held the same week.

The MilMo devblog (MilMo is a game developed by Junebud, today owned by Dohi Entertainment), is still up! The blog features a lot of photos taken at conventions and events like Game Developer’s Conference, Nordic Game Conference and Casual Connect when I worked at Junebud. Since I don’t know if the blog will be up forever I decided to download some of the photos (I hope it’s OK since I’m the one both in front of the camera and owning the original pictures to some extent). I put together some collages of photos for the fun of it, remembering good times!


Nordic Game Conference -12 with friends at the Nordic Game party in Malmö, Sweden. Awesome times! I danced so much this night I woke up with a sore neck…


Swedish Game Conference: Satellite South in Malmö 2012. This is the game writer behind “Amnesia -the Dark Descendant” at the end of his lecture about storytelling. I gave a presentation about game metrics which was very appreciated.

As a community manager and someone with an interest in people I enjoyed the privilege of visit all these super nice events during my time working with MilMo. Me and the CEO of Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, promoted Junebud’s games, made business and attended inspiring lectures, taking careful notes and bringing back the info to the company, sharing it with the crew. After each event we put together all our material and organized internal conferences back at the office; JuneCons! A lot of the business partners Junebud worked with were people and companies we got to know at professional gatherings like NGC or CC. Prior to this I attended NGC two times as a volunteer, helping out and organizing stuff.


Nordic Game Conference in Malmö 2011. The photo in the upper left corner is a photo from the official page of Nordic Game :)


Casual Connect in Hamburg 2011.


Gamescom in Köln 2011. Super cool event!


Casual Connect 2012 in Köln.


The art direction of MilMo was refined along the years.

This week has been quite the rollercoaster. On the 1st of August Junebud, the company I have worked for the past years, filed for bankruptcy. The news even made it to Develop Online, Games Industry International and some Swedish newspapers.

I’m still very, very sad about this. No one wanted it to end like this, and whatever happens from now on I want to thank all the brave MilMonauts. Thank you for investing so much in MilMo, for supporting the The Junebud Crew and for always believing in us. I will never look at MilMo as a failure. A game that rich, beautiful, fun and adventurous is as far away from a  failure you can possibly come. I will always be happy and thankful I had the chance to work with the talented crew, and to be part of something bigger than I could ever achieve by myself. This post servers as recap of my time at Junebud and a big “thank you” to the whole Junebud Crew, as well as to the lovely MilMo community! Since there is no way I can organize this post in a better way, I’m just throwing myself down the memory lane and sharing photos I really like. Enjoy!

Most photos are available at Junebud’s developer blog: http://milmogame.blogspot.se/

This was one of the first photos ever taken of MilMo, back in 2008. Lightmill Island!

Seastar Resort was called “Summer Island” back in 2008. I joined the team at the end of 2009, when the game was to be released in closed beta. Back in then the game only existed on the portal milmogame.com.

Concept art showing the many different MilMo islands. Some of them were never made, some of them are familiar if you play the game.

A photo from one of the beloved “Meet The Devs” events we used to do. To meet the community online was always awesome!

I met so many cool, sweet, nice players during my time as a community manager. This is me and Vanny, one of the GMs.

Concept art for the “Spooky World” world story.

Imagiantion Devourers, the MilMo world’s biggest enemy.

GMs meeting devs in my Home.

A really crazy Home!

The MilMo Comic! The comic is still up at www.facebook.com/MilMoGame.

Awesome fan art!

User Generated Content at its best! The Home of a MilMonaut.

Beautiful screenshot collage made by a MilMonaut!

Halloween event in MilMo.

One of my favorites. This photo is special to me.

The Junebud Crew back in 2011.

Me and the CEO of Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, at Casual Connect.

Me & Ola at Casual Connect 2012. Like bosses!

Crew photo from the “goodbye party” this week. Shows about 50% of the Junebud Crew.

A photo of an unannounced game project by Junebud. This concept art was hanging on the wall at the office.

Thank you all, it’s been a fun ride!

It’s still not yet decided what will happen to MilMo in the future. Hopefully Junebud will find a way to keep the game online. For me it’s now time to look for new adventures.

Be brave,

– Sara

Sad News

Watch the official MilMo trailer, just click the picture.

I had some sad, sad news to tell you. The game company where I work filed for bankruptcy yesterday. My heart goes out to all the brave MilMonauts who have proven to be the most lovable and loyal community I have ever met online.

It’s not yet decided what will happen to the game “MilMo”, but I hope we will find a way for it to continue stay online. A lot of the fans have expressed their feelings on the official forum (click here). What amazes me is the support and grief, there’s no hating or blaming.

I will share more information about the situation when I have something to tell you.


Suit Up Day at Work!

So last week we decided to host a “Suit Up Day” at the game development company where I work. I kinda suggested it for fun, and the crew seemed to be very happy about the idea! Here’s some pictures of me, our producer Ivan (with the white tie) and our CEO Ola. Ola suited up in his death metal clothing instead of the regular suit, which was a nice change!

Ivan, Ola and me outside our office in Malmö, Sweden!


Junebud’s producer team!



A Package Of Eagles!

This week I joined the Tuff Tanks project at work. Tuff Tanks is our newest game, to be published for iPad, if you want to see the trailer, click here. This means I’m now involved in two games. Exciting but challenging at the same time! We are making Tuff Tanks together with Aeria Games, and the game will launch this spring.

Anyways, here’s some selected photos of what’s been going on at work for the past two weeks!

Our awesome concept guy has been making concepts for a new enemy to roam the world of MilMo. Nothing is decided yet, but things are looking good!

Some colored concepts of the new enemy. This is still work in progress and stuff will change.

Made this and put it in the office kitchen. It's not my original idea, but I like it so much I want to pass it on!

Our CEO Ola got us a box of eagles this week. Sweet!


Weekly Work Photos Week 5 2012


My afternoon snack is approving our new logo in the meeting room!


It’s been a week of hard work for the team that making our new iPad game. Breakfast was server for all brave crunchers.


Our big, never ending lunch and after work fun. But things are starting to come together.


Small after work at TGIF. Ivan and Ola holding cheese cake berry milkshakes!


It’s been another week at work. I sometimes forget Junebud is now a studio of two games. When I started at Junebud everyone on the team was working with MilMo. Today the crew is divided into two teams. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or read this blog every now and then, knows I’m on the MilMo team. Not much is released about our upcoming new game, but it’s an iPhone/iPad game and we are developing it together with our the talented people at Aeria Games. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more about this super secret project, you just have to wait for it to hit the Internet…

Casual Connect 2011

Some pictures from last year’s conference. Ola and me at that wierd nightclub last year in Hamburg. Belive it or not, but many deals are sealed at these places!


At the club, talking with other game developers.


Ola at the breakfast, day 2. We stayed at Arc Hotel Rubin in downtown Hamburg. Great place!


Ola at the lectures.


Taking notes and reading about the speakers.

Yo dawgs! Looks like I will attend the game developer conference Casual Connect in Hamburg next week, together with my bawss Ola. Last year was a blast! We’ve found out Casual Connect seems to be the the most relevant event for Junebud, since it’s focused on casual, social and mobile games. We are leaving on Monday night and returning Thursday afternoon. Friday is business as usual at the office and I will be preparing presentations of the content for the rest of the team once we get back to Sweden. I’m looking forward to the lectures, the mingle parties and the opportunities to meet peers. Time to make sure my business cards are up to date!

The pictures are property of Junebud and found on our developer blog http://milmogame.blogspot.com/.