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At Work w.4

It’s been a quite busy week at work. Today Junebud (the game developer company I work for) held a mini lecture on the Malmö Game Jam. It was about the most common mistakes developers do when they are making games in a short period of time. The Game Jam is a global event, people all over the world get together this weekend and make games for 48 hours straight. I will post some game jam pictures on Monday to show you what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s the pictures from this week at Junebud! Enjoy

Went for a sushi together with my talented co-worker WickyWiki. She is also the main author of the MilMo wiki. Did you know she used to write the wiki before we hired her?


I keep a few shells on my desk at work. They remind me of adventures and happy times. These are from Thailand and Norway. The drawing is inspired from Inception. A quick sketch to remind me everything is changing.


Om nom! Some meringue! Went to the local shop together with our new co-worker from Brazil.


The infamous 2,000 pcs puzzle we started last week. Some progress have been made I can tell!



At Work w.3


Some photos from work. I really like working at Junebud, making computer games. We are a bunch of crazy, fun, hard working nerds and passionate people, giving it all in order to make magic happen. Our first title, MilMo, is an MMO set in a wondrous island world where players create their own hero, traveling from island to island, fighting monsters and solving quests. It’s a bit like Zelda + Super Mario meets second life.

MilMo is a 3D browser game and we were the first 3D Facebook game to use Unity. I’m so proud of my team for what they have accomplished since 2008 when the game was set in beta. We’ve come a long way since. This is does not focus on my job, but every once in a while I’ll update you with some pictures about it.

No office is complete without an office frog! This one lives on our lead scripter’s desk.

When we moved from our old place to the new one, during Christmas. A box of plants!

This week’s after work. A puzzle of 2,000 pieces…

After work, part 2. At our sound designer’s place, 03 AM recording dino sounds for the future! I was screaming so much I lost my voice for the following day…

Last after work of 2011, picture from our Christmas party. After eating a Smörgåsbord we went down town and had a really good time!

Armor design from Mass Effect 3.  I think she looks so badass I keep this one at my desk. Yeah!

If you want to know more about MilMo or Junbud, hit www.milmogame.com.