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I’m Leaving Paradox And Stockholm


I’ll be keeping this tee as a fond memory!

This week will sadly be my last working for Paradox North. It’s been seven awesome months since I moved to Stockholm from Malmö, and in two weeks I’m about to move back, to the South end of Sweden. This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, and I’m gonna miss my team and all the friends I’ve made in this town  so much. I could never have guessed that this town, known to be a bit cold both when it comes to the climate and the people, would teach me so much about compassion, friendship and team spirit! People have let me sleep on their sofas like it’s the most natural thing in the world, when it takes me two hours to get home after watching a movie. In Stockholm (and maybe in other big cities as well), you need to think of the city as a prolonged living room. Seeing friends over a lunch is better then not seeing them at all, when you live in different parts of the town or have a long way to work.


Mojang’s house warming party in fall of 2012. Had plenty of super nice parties here in Stockholm < 3

The reason I choose to quit this super exciting job and move to Malmö, are more than one. Stockholm is indeed a very beautiful town, my job has been awesome and I got some super cool friends to hang out with. But I feel that all those things can’t really make up for the gut feeling that I’m not really gonna be happy if I stay here for a long time. I was lucky enough to find a room to rent for these seven months, but I now feel like I need to get my own place, and I really don’t have any money to buy an apartment, which you almost need to do if you want to find a place to stay here. There is an enormous shortage of apartments, and since I’m not filthy rich I know that if I even get a flat in the first place, I’m gonna need to spend much time on the metro, which I dislike a lot. I already spend something like 6-7 hours a week in the underground. I love Malmö because you can ride your bike or walk almost anywhere you wanna go. Also, the weather here is a bit cold and too dark. I was born and raised four hours from Stockholm, on an island in the ocean called Åland, and I always imagined myself living somewhere warmer with more sun. By moving to Malmö, 600 km South, I get at least little bit less of the snow and cold each year, which makes me happy panda! Some day I might even move to a country that has no snow at all!


Our view at the 24rd floor at Paradox North : D

I know all of the above might sound a bit negative, but there are a lot of good things happening in Stockholm, especially if you make games! I do not regret one bit I made the move to come here and work this winter, and I’m very happy Paradox gave me a chance. The XP I gained is totally worth it. Paradox is one of the best places I ever worked at, and I really believe that Wizard Wars is going to be a fun game when it’s released. I had the best team and I once again feel like making games and being a part of this special industry is what I want to do. After the bankruptcy of Junebud I felt a bit disillusioned and lost in 2012.


My hood here in Stockholm. Beautiful and a bit cold.

I don’t have a new job in Malmö waiting for me, and honestly I’m a bit afraid of the future. Afraid and excited. People have asked me what I’m gonna do now, and I have some plans. Mostly taking time off to recover after the whole “oh you might have a brain tumor thing” I experienced this spring. I made a bucket list while waiting for the answer from the doctors, and I want to make some of my dreams come true. I realized what is important in life. Maybe go to China with my Chinese friend Cecilia, paint & draw and buy my own sub surface camera and snap photos of fish in the sea. I don’t know. Time will tell.


Team building with the Paradox North crew. Gonna miss these guys!

Anyways, my dear friend Johan who works at Mojang, making Minecraft asked me if I want to join him and his crew for a surprise trip next week. Hell yes! So I guess I’m gonna start things by going to a secret location together with a bunch cool people for 72 hours, and that’s not too bad!