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Nordic Game Conference 2013


King dot come were among the main sponsors of Nordic Game Conference this year, together with Autodesk and Blueberry (to mention a few). King handed out these Rubiks’s all the time, and I really tried to lean how to solve a cube. It seems like it’s a lot like following road map trough a city. If you always focus on the white middle piece and twist and turn the cube you soon learn where the other colors should be located in relation to that middle piece. Gonna try solving a cube now when I’m unemployed and got the time to do whatever I want to, hehe!


Mooore cubes!


People were displaying both 3D printers and an Oculus Rift this year. These plastic objects are printed using the 3D printer, and they are made from corn (!). I think its so exciting to be in an industry where all this new tech and inventions are popping up all the time!   < 3


The Nordic Party Thursday night, at the night club Moriskan! These DJs using an old Game Boy to shuffle songs, an old phone as a mic (it’s white and on the table) were kicking ass! The best part about this year’s NGC was meeting all old friends and hanging out like in the old days. Especially nice to met part of the old Junebud Crew; Calle, Ammad, Ola and Kata!


Friday’s last session, wrapping up NGC13. This was the 10th edition of NGC, I’ve attended 5 of them over the years, and I love it! I get tons of inspiration from listening to all these awesome people and see what’s possible to do with games as a medium.

It’s over! This year’s edition of NGC was the biggest so far, with over 1 300 visitors, and the Unity event taking place this same week, in the same conference halls. I’m completely exhausted both mentally and physically after working 08-00 the whole week. Tired and happy! I got to attend some kick-ass lectures about storytelling in games, the value of taking care of your own time and what game design teaches us abut human behavior!

It feels like my life is moving so fast at them moment. I forget what month it is sometimes. Can’t really believe I lived in Stockholm last week, or that I went to France just a few days ago…Time is funny, it doesn’t move the way you think. However, it feels good to be back in Malmö, and the last of my stuff arrived this week, so I guess things are really happening.

Unite Nordic Day 1


First day of Unity’s event “Unite”, here in Malmö, Sweden. Photo from Unity’s key note this morning. They announced the free version of Unity for mobile, showed new stuff for Unity 4.2 and talked about where the company is heading. The upcoming feature that really got the crowd cheering was a “cancel” button for building in the editor, haha! I’m working on the event, helping out with some stuff.


Today I’ve been filling over 200 balloons with air. I got the best buddies helping me out on the party station, behind the scene: Michelle and Jesper. Of course we breathed some helium and laugheted at our distorted voices : D


Breakfast photo from this morning. “Unite” is a new event, first time ever in Malmö. Unity wants to offer a place where devs can come to share ideas, get inspired and talk to Unity about the engine. I used Unity when working at Junebud, making the MMO “MilMo”. I wasn’t a great scripter, but I sure gained a better understanding for tech by scripting for 6 months.


The game studio “Full Control” talking about what they learned when working with the IP “Space Hulk”. I really liked CCP’s talk about the importance of prototyping your game. It’s hard to know if a game idea is any good as long as you have it in your head. It’s better to test it before you dedicate yourself and your team to months of development just to find out it was boring as hell…

Nordic Game Conference and Unite!



Photo from today. I’m in Malmö, helping to set up all the decoration, booths and registration for this week’s Nordic Game Conference! This year’s conf is the biggest ever, and it also marks the 10th NGC. Tuesday and Wednesday there’s Unity’s developer gathering Unite in the same building, so I guess I’m gonna be working there too. Nice!

Game Developer Events!


The only photo from GDC -10 I managed to find. Or I think it’s taken on the same day GDC Europe ended and Gamescom began. Many devs choose to visit them both when in Köln since they are held the same week.

The MilMo devblog (MilMo is a game developed by Junebud, today owned by Dohi Entertainment), is still up! The blog features a lot of photos taken at conventions and events like Game Developer’s Conference, Nordic Game Conference and Casual Connect when I worked at Junebud. Since I don’t know if the blog will be up forever I decided to download some of the photos (I hope it’s OK since I’m the one both in front of the camera and owning the original pictures to some extent). I put together some collages of photos for the fun of it, remembering good times!


Nordic Game Conference -12 with friends at the Nordic Game party in Malmö, Sweden. Awesome times! I danced so much this night I woke up with a sore neck…


Swedish Game Conference: Satellite South in Malmö 2012. This is the game writer behind “Amnesia -the Dark Descendant” at the end of his lecture about storytelling. I gave a presentation about game metrics which was very appreciated.

As a community manager and someone with an interest in people I enjoyed the privilege of visit all these super nice events during my time working with MilMo. Me and the CEO of Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, promoted Junebud’s games, made business and attended inspiring lectures, taking careful notes and bringing back the info to the company, sharing it with the crew. After each event we put together all our material and organized internal conferences back at the office; JuneCons! A lot of the business partners Junebud worked with were people and companies we got to know at professional gatherings like NGC or CC. Prior to this I attended NGC two times as a volunteer, helping out and organizing stuff.


Nordic Game Conference in Malmö 2011. The photo in the upper left corner is a photo from the official page of Nordic Game :)


Casual Connect in Hamburg 2011.


Gamescom in Köln 2011. Super cool event!


Casual Connect 2012 in Köln.

About Game Developer Events


Drinking a cup of tea and thinking about all the game developer conferences I visited since I got in contact the game industry some years ago. I’m not gonna pretend I’m a veteran or anything, because I’m not. During the last weeks I met so many experienced and talented personalities working in the industry I realize how far I still have to go If I want to become good at this (the company where I’m working sent me and the CEO to the Nordic’s most important game event: the Nordic Game Conferance, last week).

But anyway, I made a small list of events and get-togethers I attended over the years. I like to order, name and label things in my life. Started thinking of my own path and how I got to where I am today, when I met with all the volunteers at Nordic Game Conf. Most of the volunteers are students studying at Malmö’s game developer school “The Game Assembly”. They get the chance to hand out their CVs, attend the lectures and help out at the conference for free when studying. I think it’s a good way of getting into the industry and get inspired by folks already working with game development. This year I noticed a lot of the companies giving lectures ending with announcing they have open positions. It seems like the industry in Sweden is growing and in need of new talent.

I’m very proud I started out as a volunteer back in the days myself. I especially remember the first time ever I attended the NGC and listened to Media Molecule giving a talk about how they prototyped their game “Little Big Planet”. That presentation was very, very inspirational and has left a deep mark in me. I dared to ask for the business card of the talker, and had it hanging on my wall for a couple of years (stalker warning anyone?!). It’s still one of the best business cards I’ve ever got (gonna take a picture of it and show you later). Its basically a hand-made old fashioned luggage tag of paper with the name, company and e-mail written on it, by hand. Reflects the whole LBP feeling of creativity and unique art direction.

Another very special memory is when me and our CEO went to Casual Connect for the first time ever. Casual Connect is held in Germany, Hamburg. We packed our stuff, flew to Germany from Sweden and on the flight down I put on my makeup. We morphed into party outfits, switched on to party mode and grabbed a cab to the big mingle as soon as we touched ground. It felt a bit like we were on a secret mission haha! When we went to Gamescom last year we arrived late at night and the taxi driver was really crazy, driving in 140 km/h on a highway in the dark. I just closed my eyes and prayed we would be OK. The other taxi driver we had that day talked about his time in prison and how he despised common traffic rules. I could see myself making headlines: game developers from Sweden axe murdered by German taxi driver.

A lot has happened since then, but every time I get the chance to go to these game events I try to put my best into them. I know I need to represent not only the games we made, but also the effort every single person on the team has put into what I’m showing a potentional business partner/investor or someone we want to hire. Since it’s a part of my job to go to these things and bring back observations of industry trends and contacts for the company I view it as work. But very fun work indeed.

Nordic Game Conferance 2012 Part 2

This year I met with friends and dawgs from Southend, Coffee Satin Studios, Massive, King.com, Triolith and Mojang + others : ) There was just so many inspirational developers and I must say I feel very energized after attending the key note given by the Art Director Jonathan of new Deus Ex game, and dancing with the up and coming talents of Sweden’s game developers. Got bruises and soar muscles after all the dancing!

My boss Ola Holmdahl had plenty of meetings and I went to the lectures & took notes. After my metrics lecture at the Swedish Game Conference : South a couple of moths ago, several people have approached me on conferences and parties, asked me “are you Sara?”. This happened at NGC as well. It’s kinda fun and I get to meet so many nice people!

Nordic Game Conference is held in Malmö, my current home town!

Noric Game Conferance!

Dressed for a hot day in the conference rooms! It’s summer in Sweden <3

Guess what game…?

Post NGC beer at the Junebud office! Good times!