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I Designed Some Phone Skins









Hey guys! I took a little break from blogging and my Art Project, and things feel much better now. Thanks for all the support! I even designed some smart phone/iPad cases for you, out of pure inspiration. They are now for sale over at my page at Society6. The smart phone skins, which are soft, are 15€ and the hard, protective cases are 35€. Much of my art is also available as iPad skins, cards, prints and framed art if you are interested. Right now, if you order before Saturday you get free shipping on your products. Neat, huh!? Just make sure to select the correct version of iPhone/iPad or Samsung phone when ordering.

I’ve gotten some questions about how this works, and here’s how: I have a page on Society6, where I submit designs and art. S6 provides items and does the printing (over in the US), and they ship the items to the costumers. The payment is done to S6 by credit card or PayPal, and I get paid 10% of the original price for the item when all the fees for shipping, printing etc are paid. If you buy an iPhone skin for 15$, I get 1,5$ when all my fees are paid and done. Simple and easy! I will be posting more stuff for sale when I have the time and think I made something worthy. Hope you like it! Also, I can’t see the name of who ordered what, so I you feel like you want to buy something and still be a secret stalker, go ahead (LOL)!