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Extra Vacation

An air plane. That takes you places.

Feel free to let me know if you have any idea from what anime/manga this picture is. I just love it! It reminds me of my childhood, of the long and hot summer vacations, when we visited my relatives in Norway or Finland. Lazy days at the beach, hunting crab fish with net and a bucket. White sand and clear, deep fjords. The clouds almost like mountains of ice.

Today I really missed my friends from the Junebud Crew. I have never worked on a place with the same family spirit! People really cared about each other. I remember when the lead animator Karrey bought me a liquorice cupcake as a surprise, “just because she wanted to” <3 Anyway, I’m sure there are many awesome adventures out there. There’s nothing bad that wont bring anything good with it, so I’m trying to relax and catch the last days of summer before I go back to sitting in front of a computer screen.

Yesterday I left my phone at home, took a long walk on the beach in central Malmö, watched the sun set over Denmark (you can almost see Copenhagen from the tip of Malmö). Took a swim in the crystal clear water, read a book and felt pure happiness.

From the cray fish party last weekend! Me and my friend Tim.

A very disturbing and uncanny napkin!

Malmö by night!