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“Learning To Draw” Becomes “The Art Project”


Above: last night’s sketch jam’s theme was “seven”. I drew some cool cyborg who plays some kind of cool cyborg ball sport. Something like that.

My ongoing project “Learning To Draw” changes name to “The Art Project” from now on. I have never really felt totally comfortable about the original name. It was picked in a hurry 1,5 years ago when I started the project. Another reason is that this project is so much more than just learning to draw. It’s also about learning to paint, learning to study, learning to have grit, learning croquis, learning to step out of my own comfort zone and so on. Just talking about the drawing won’t do it justice or help me understand what I want to do with this. So from now on I’m gonna refer to “The Art Project” instead of “Learning To Draw”. I’m gonna change the blog tags and the titles all around the web, one by one.

Tomorrow I have a really important and exciting meeting, so back to my cave to prepare my stuff! Until I’m back, check out the portfolio of my very skilled friend Emmy. She is a concept artist and illustrator focusing on the game industry, making some serious bad ass stuff.