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World of The Dead

IMG_2559Since Junebud (the previous game company I worked for) has been dead for more than 6 months now, I feel like I can share this with you. Junebud delivered two games; MilMo and Tuff Tanks between 2009-2012. MilMo was a fun, colorful, friendly experience. Tuff Tanks was a bit more edgy, with some attitude, but still very light and suited for a younger casual audience. Today MilMo is still up and running, but Tuff Tanks (that’s owned by Aeria Games) I believe is removed from the app store by now. However, there were a third game that never really made it into the public space. A prototype, a last shot, that we poured all the energy and time we had left when we understood things might get tight. It was a zombie mmo called “World of The Dead”. We even got so far we had a working prototype up and running, cross platform. It was possible to play it on a PC together with someone playing on a tablet, at the same time, which is kinda cool!

IMG_2561The game was set in a dark, violent post-apocalyptic version of modern day USA. I think this was almost as far from MilMo as we could possibly go in many ways. A lot of the developers at Junebud had a background in creating heavy war games, and some of them just wanted to get away from that, creating MilMo. So I guess you need variation even when creating stuff? It can’t always be just shiny happy or dark gritty. Not for me anyways.


photoWhen Junebud went bankrupt, the IP to World of the Dead got no buyer, and I’we spoken to some of the old crew members, so I’m happy to show you what we did work on for the last couple of months. I know the world of game development sometimes is a hard place, full of broken dreams and crashed hopes. For every game that makes it to the app store or becomes an even modest selling hit, there are thousands of failed projects, games that lost founders or teams that just couldn’t finish their projects. At least I can now share with you the very last thing we poured all our tears, blood and midnight oil into. Enjoy!