Telepathic Shark Aliens


Say “hello” to my shark people. They live on another planet, have telepathic abilities and took me the whole day to draw. Was quite fun, but as usual I have no idea how to (digitally) make something look done, or to add all the small details. More happy with the first one I did, the one to the left. The other one looks a bit flat and the values are muddy. I guess the back lighting was too advanced for me to pull off without any kind of reference images to guide me. Fun to paint these guys, but I need to stroll out of my comfort zone and do some perspective drills. I think I understand the difference between one point and two point perspective now. Also, I know about vanish points now, but so far EVERYTHING I draw about perspective looks like a five year old made it. Yay!


Stuff from tonight’s sketch jam. I guess I wasn’t really feeling the creative juices this time.

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