Tiny Little Sparks of Creativity


Above: drawing at work.

I was going to write something smart about creativity, but all I’m gonna say is this (here it comes, my one BIG tip for boosting creativity): never dismiss your ideas or quick bursts of random inspiration.

I’m not sure about you, but I often get random strikes of inspiration, like I glance at someone on the street and suddenly I see the idea for an exciting character for a novel. Or I look at a documentary and suddenly, out of nowhere I think of a fantasy world I want to draw, just before I fall asleep and my brain enters dreaming mode I see cool color combos I want to paint. These ideas come to me in bits and pieces. They are like sparks that quickly flicker by, somewhere in the borderline between my conscious and subconscious.

Never judge these “sparks”, never just throw them away, never say to yourself oh that’s a cool idea I will surely remember it later (because you don’t). Treat all ideas like ugly ducklings. They might seem stupid, pointless, confusing, impossible to turn into reality or scary. These embryos are like small sparks inside your mind, and if you are always quick to dismiss them they will stop appearing after a while. But if you take care of them, write them down or sketch them quickly on the back of a notebook or in a Wordpad document or on a post-it, you can save them for later.

And the next time you look at that “stupid” idea you realize you could actually be on to something. Your ugly duckling might be a swan. I got a note pad by my bed, I write stuff down in my phone, the back of my calender is filled with scribbles and words.

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