Weekly Work Photos Week 5 2012


My afternoon snack is approving our new logo in the meeting room!


It’s been a week of hard work for the team that making our new iPad game. Breakfast was server for all brave crunchers.


Our big, never ending lunch and after work fun. But things are starting to come together.


Small after work at TGIF. Ivan and Ola holding cheese cake berry milkshakes!


It’s been another week at work. I sometimes forget Junebud is now a studio of two games. When I started at Junebud everyone on the team was working with MilMo. Today the crew is divided into two teams. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or read this blog every now and then, knows I’m on the MilMo team. Not much is released about our upcoming new game, but it’s an iPhone/iPad game and we are developing it together with our the talented people at Aeria Games. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more about this super secret project, you just have to wait for it to hit the Internet…

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