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Casual Connect 2011

Some pictures from last year’s conference. Ola and me at that wierd nightclub last year in Hamburg. Belive it or not, but many deals are sealed at these places!


At the club, talking with other game developers.


Ola at the breakfast, day 2. We stayed at Arc Hotel Rubin in downtown Hamburg. Great place!


Ola at the lectures.


Taking notes and reading about the speakers.

Yo dawgs! Looks like I will attend the game developer conference Casual Connect in Hamburg next week, together with my bawss Ola. Last year was a blast! We’ve found out Casual Connect seems to be the the most relevant event for Junebud, since it’s focused on casual, social and mobile games. We are leaving on Monday night and returning Thursday afternoon. Friday is business as usual at the office and I will be preparing presentations of the content for the rest of the team once we get back to Sweden. I’m looking forward to the lectures, the mingle parties and the opportunities to meet peers. Time to make sure my business cards are up to date!

The pictures are property of Junebud and found on our developer blog


It’s kind of funny when I think about it. I arrived to Malmö about 2 years ago (well next week it’s going to exactly 2 years since I moved from Skövde to Malmö), and now all my friends are moving to Malmö to work for different gaming companies. I was kind of lonely in the beginning, stranded in the suburb from hell and not knowing anyone. Feel like a settler or something. Here’s some pics from the housewarming I attended on Saturday! Great fun!

Red lipstick brings da partey!


My friend's girlfriend is traing pole dance on her spare time (as an exercice not for money lol). These are her awesome shoes. All the girls at the party had to try them on.


Haha, awesome ice cubes in the shape of guitars!


As I said, the party was hosted by a true gamer and his gamer girlfriend...They have like all the games ever made for Wii, PS and the Box.

Global Game Jam

Went to the Global Game Jam (Malmö Edition) this weekend. Actually I did not make any games, I just attended the lectures and mingled with the game devs. Junebud (my company) gave a lecture on common mistakes to make when you are making a game in a very short period of time. I was too tired to participate in the game making itself, and honestly, what can I as a community manager and metrics person add to a game that needs to be done in 48 hours? Hehe. It was nice to feel the atmosphere and to meet with a lot of different people. The Malmö Game Jam used the worldwide theme (see below), and combined it with their own theme “Arabic culture”. There are a lot of ppl in Malmö with an Arabic background, and the Arabic game market is growing.

So here’s my pro tips for making a game in a short period of time:

1. Assign roles within the group. Make sure ppl know what they should do and what’s expected of them. You are going to need a project manager that makes sure every thing is really done in time. Someone that’s responsible for the whole package to be put together.

2. Test your pipelines. For example make sure you have a way of putting all the graphics your artist are making, into the game. You don’t want to end up with content that is useless when put together since no one cared to check if a certain file-format is compatible with the game engine you are using.

3. Don’t forget the sound design!

4. Before you start making the game, take some time and prototype it with pen and paper. Create some mock-ups and faked screen shots. This will make sure all the team members are thinking of the same art direction, interface etc.

5. Prepare you own presentation. You are most likely going to pitch your game to a jury if you want to win the money at the end of the event. Practice your pitch and create a nice power point show!

Tools for prototyping the games before actually building them digitally.


The world wide theme for the global game jam. Interesting, isn’t it?


Me trying the play a mega version of the classical maze game! Great fun!


A square where you are supposed to share hugs. I like the idea!


Summer of 2011, Norway.

It’s hard to think that 500 meters beneath these clouds there’s a big city hiding. Picture taken last summer in Norway, Bergen. I’m on the top of mount Ulriken. Everything was just so quiet, only some screaming bird and the sounds of cheap wandering nearby. After the long way up you are greeted by a big old sign saying; “I lost all my sorrows at mount Ulriken”. It’s true, what they say.

At Work w.4

It’s been a quite busy week at work. Today Junebud (the game developer company I work for) held a mini lecture on the Malmö Game Jam. It was about the most common mistakes developers do when they are making games in a short period of time. The Game Jam is a global event, people all over the world get together this weekend and make games for 48 hours straight. I will post some game jam pictures on Monday to show you what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s the pictures from this week at Junebud! Enjoy

Went for a sushi together with my talented co-worker WickyWiki. She is also the main author of the MilMo wiki. Did you know she used to write the wiki before we hired her?


I keep a few shells on my desk at work. They remind me of adventures and happy times. These are from Thailand and Norway. The drawing is inspired from Inception. A quick sketch to remind me everything is changing.


Om nom! Some meringue! Went to the local shop together with our new co-worker from Brazil.


The infamous 2,000 pcs puzzle we started last week. Some progress have been made I can tell!



ViSIon OnE

Some twisted sounds. Picture inspired by the song “Vision One” by Röyksopp. I hate to come across as a hipster, but I actually prefer the Japanese original by Eri Nobuchika. Her voice is just so special. Sound like she is letting you in on a secret. Perfection.

There was a time when all the shadows of these tall buildings
would throw their cape around each corner of the grassy fields
And one by one each huge shade would color the green with black
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen

Everybody let us gaze upon the world we’ve created
Let us rest our eyes upon the great machine as we wave goodbye
Feel the evening breeze caress us while the cities are dying
As we watch it fall into a modern state, a modern time

Remember when we’d hear the distant sound of human life
A zillion noises whimper as they travel through the sky
And one by one each new sound has faded away with time
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen

Everybody let us say goodbye to all our notions
Cause it’s not enough to say that we’re humane when we’re left behind
It’s too late to think that we can worship human emotions
Cause we’ve already evolved into machines in our minds

In Space

I like to draw mixed things, sometimes it’s quite obvious what I’m painting, other times it just a mix of shapes and colors. Different stuff is good for expressing different ideas and emotions I guess. I like to throw in some texts or lyrics or just plain words. Finding the right typeface for a picture is exciting. Below some colors and shapes.


As a child I could not understand what was so special about abstract paintings, It took me quite a while to realize abstract paintings haven’t been around for that long. In the past people used to create paintings that everyone could look at and say: hey, that’s a horse (or whatever the painting was showing). A good painter was the one who could look at an real world object and make a realistic painting of it. Abstract art on the other hand relied on the beholder, it was up to him/her to find out what the painting actually depicted. There was no right or wrong, just different opinions and feeling. And that kind of freedom is really powerful.


New digital picture, a Tron soldier. Really joyed the movie from 2010. It was a smart move of them to use the 3D effect only when it was needed, not the entire move for the sake of it. It was the perfect movie for Daft Punk to be involved in the music production. Never really knew they were able to make other kinds of music than electro.