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Learning To Draw: Post #5

As usual I start with the newest stuff at the top!

More poses, 29/9. Most of them without ref, just playing around with the human body (did that sound wrong?)

More anatomy, and finally it feels like I’m getting hold of this. For some reason it helped me to study the anatomy of greyhounds. They are mammals just like humans, and have a very stylized body shape. 28/9

First two self-portraits ever : O I joined a group on FB where you post a portrait/day. 27/9

90 sec/pose. I still need lots of more anatomy practice! 27/9

Some birdies! From ref, took about 1,5 hours. 26/9 was a very productive day!

Due to some travels and stuff I haven’t got the time to draw that much the past week. Some random monsters 26/9

More hands! I loooove hands! 26/9

Found a stuffed bird at home, fun to draw! 23/6

The past week there’s been a lot of traveling and drawing. I’ve returned to Sweden after a week in Finland. Been drawing so much my wrist is actually hurting now…Getting back to Malmö proved not to be that easy at all. The ferry from Finland to Sweden was OK, even had a childhood friend of mine, Ia, as company.

But then there was something weird with the connecting buses, and when I finally made it to Stockholm I headed for Uppsala since I’ve promised to meet up with my sis there. The train arrived late, but the real problems began when I was heading back to Stockholm from Uppsala. The train completely broke down, and we even need some kind of “written permission” to continue down the tacks. (WTH, written permission?) I got a little nervous since my train from Stockholm bound to Malmö was leaving in one hour. All in all the trip lasted about one hour, so I missed my train, and even then next one after that.

Luckily I was stranded in Stockholm, not in Cairo or some other place far way from all my super friends. So I had an awful hamburger with my dear friend Simon and his lovely wife Sofia, instead of stressing about the situation. Great company can make any food taste good! Then I called my homie Henrik and asked him about that extra bed I had been borrowing last week. We spent the night at his place, he mixed some music and I shared my best tips for surviving a nuclear disaster.

Henrik’s DJ table and some swagged vodka.

The day after I got a new train ticket for Malmö, but realized my body had decided it didn’t want that lousy hamburger no more. So I spent the next 4,5 hour on the train to Malmö lying on the floor in #1 class, feeling really sick. But hey, it was #1 class, living the dream!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting my new job in Stockholm. It’s only two weeks left, and I miss having a job, collages and something important to do.

Learning To Draw Posts: 4321

Learning To Draw: Post #4

Practicing faces, forcing my sis to sit as a model for me, hehe! Trying to draw furniture, which is totally new to me! Realized I want to draw a house, that’s something I have never done before! 20/9

Drawing still life flowers, 2 hours. In just a few days I’m allowed to start painting digitally again. My idea was to concentrate on manual drawing for 30 days. 20/9

Hands, horses and more hands (refs).  They say horses and hands are some of the most difficult stuff you can learn to draw, so why not draw horses and hands? 18/9

My dog and some real life roses from the garden. 18/9

Family and flowers 17/9.

Investigating babies and trying to find out what makes them cute. Hmm…these babies looks a bit uncanny xD 16/9

Baby poses from real life. First time ever I draw a baby, why are they moving so much?! 15/9

It’s time for another batch of my “learning to draw” photos! I know some of them look a bit scary (the babies pliz)! Had a hard time getting back on track with the daily drawing now when I’m away from my usual routines (I’m still on vacation in Finland, hanging out with family). Also, I’m trying to limit my daily Internet usage to a maximum of 2 hours now, realized I want to do other things with my time. It’s so easy to just sit in front the computer, browsing away when you could learn stuff, meet friends or draw instead. I’ve realize multi-tasking is bad for you, it makes my mind behave like a pinball game, so now I’m learning to do one thing at a time. Finish something before I start a new task.

Speaking about that, I’ve made some changes to my life this summer. If you read the post named “Mindless Behavior“, you know I decided back in July to get rid of all crappy scandal blogs I used to read just to pass time (I was on vacation then, so hey, I had plenty of time to kill). At the same time I kicked away all the nonsense fashion blogs, the brain dead gossip magazines and stopped visiting sites like 9gag and Reddit. So far it has worked very well, and this “Learning To Draw” project has sprung out of all the extra time I freed up! The next steps are to restrict my computer usage for work or educational purposes only, except for 2 hours of Internet when I can do whatever I want to. Also, I haven’t been drinking alcohol for 2 weeks now, since it messes up my workout and skin.

I know, I sound like a control freak, but really, this is just about cleaning out distractions from my life, and focusing on living my life as I want to live it. Visited an old relative this week, and to my great sadness she could only barley recognize me anymore. I suddenly realized, there might come a time in your life when you won’t be able to even hold a pen or hear music anymore. You will not always have “tomorrow” to start living your dream or learn all those things you want to learn. One day you might even forget what your family looks like, and then it will be all too late to craft your masterpiece.

So get out there and start doing, don’t just dream. Build the life you want to live. It’s not easy to find out how you want to live your life, and it takes courage to follow your gut feeling or dreams. Sometimes “started” or “done” is better than “perfect”. You have a maximum of 100 years on this planet, make the best of them!

Learning To Draw Post:  321


Beautiful autumn day on Åland (Finland).

Traditional houses where you keep your boat!

The last flowers standing their ground towards fall.

What would have been a weekend on the Åland Islands (Finland), has turned out to a full week of vacation.

So I decided to stay on Åland for a while, instead of hurrying back to Malmö. Got my family here, so I’m hanging out with them, chilling and playing with my dog. Yesterday I had an ice-cream with Lucas Gustavsson, a Swedish/Finnish fashion blogger. He is kinda like a childhood friend to me, so I’m always happy to see him. We talked about the future, and all the energy that goes into a well groomed and interesting blog. I started this blog to have a place to write about stuff I’m thinking about, and to be in charge of what people do with my name online. It’s never really been about popularity or “today’s outfit”…

Also, some great news that really made me happy: a Swedish company called Dohi Entertainment have bought the IP of MilMo! They have stated on MilMo’s developer blog that the game will go live again, that all avatars and items will be intact! So all you MilMonauts, get ready to play your favorite game again!

Moving To Stockholm!

At Rovio’s party this Thursday, in Stockholm. Finnish game studio behind “Angry Birds” are opening a new office in Stockholm!

Saturday morning, and I’m tired as fu*k, waiting for the subway. Stayed at a friend’s place, and only got around 4 hours of sleep. We spent the night talking about game design, space and life in general. I appreciate these kinds of midnight discussions so much!

Outside Easy’s offices in Stockholm. My friend Henrik works as a game designer on Battlefield Heroes. He was kind enough to show me around!

Bathrooms at Easy’s office. That’s cool!

Had a lot of time to kill on Friday, so just walked around in the city. This handsome guy is selling fish and teaching some school kids about all the fish you can find in Swedish waters. Looks hipster to me. The artsy tattoos, the long hair, lumberjack beard and the expensive watch. I’m sure he owns a long board and updates his tumbler with Instagram photos? But what do I know…

So this week I was back in Stockholm for more. Attended the Rovio party on Thursday and met some new interesting people. Took the time to hang out with old friends, and had a lovely dinner with people from Mojang, Easy, Paradox and more on Friday. All in all I had some very difficult decisions to make about the future, but things are looking bright. So bright in fact I’m now searching for an apartment in Stockholm! I will be moving there next month, so if you know anyone who has place for rent, let me know (you can drop me an e-mail to sara.casen at gmail dot com).

Learning To Draw: Post #3

Quick anatomy studies of full body. I need to work with giving the figures some weight around the hips and foots. I know I need this, but sometimes it’s boring and tiresome. Hopefully it will give something back! 12/9

Skulls, skulls and some more skulls. Borrowed a big anatomy book from the library yesterday. It’s kinda boring to draw all this anatomy, but I know I need it. 10/9

Painted from ref image, study of male anatomy, upper body. 10/9

Second attempt at drawing hands. For this post I’m posting the newest stuff at the top, and older pictures at the bottom. 9/9


Some kind of spider creature…I guess I got a bit carried away when studying hands ^^ 9/9

More faces. Really feel like I’m learning something. 9/9

Studying, in how to draw human faces in profile, with a cartoony touch. 9/9

First attempt at drawing hands for years…This is going to take some practice… 7/9

Some muscles studies of the arm. I’m discovering so many new muscles I never even knew I had o_o  4/9

So my quest continues, to learn  how to draw, and in the end to improve my ability to express my ideas and feelings with paper, pen and Wacom tablet. Since I’m coming up with new ideas pretty much as I go along, I decided to add date of when the drawings are made (day/month), and to order them in newest to oldest, in each post. I hope this will give a better understanding of what I’m doing, and it will be easier to track any progress. Last week I made my 100th 60 second speed drawing of naked humans (croquis)!

If you got any feedback or helpful resources, do not hesitate, leave a comment and share. As soon as is back live again (been offline around 10 days now due to maintenance), I’m going to start my own account and ask for feedback. To read old post about my drawing quest, click the tag “Learning to Draw”! Click here for awesome concept art at Autodestruct! 


Rovio Party Comin’ Up!

Creating my own business cards. My old ones say I still work at Junebud.

The result! This is just an experiment. I wouldn’t feel comfortable at ta mingle party without at least some kind of cards. Got precious 22 of them now!

On another note, tried to clean my key board yesterday. Big mistake…but I guess it’s OK, I wasn’t using that key that much anyway…

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I’m looking forward to plenty of nice cups of coffee/tea with interesting people, lunches and seeing some old friends again. But my main reason for the trip is to visit my family in Finland, and as it happens to be, Stockholm is the gateway for ferries Finland!

Autumn is just around the corner, the sun sets earlier each night, the shadows are becoming cold and you can smell the soil and wet leafs on the ground. Went for a swim in the ocean this Monday, maybe one of the last ones this year. The water was around 16 degrees Celsius, lovely! See you at the Rovio game beer tomorrow in Stockholm?


The past week in photos (except for the knitted shell for the cabin. Btw, who even knits instead of paint?! Is painting your house too mainstream now?). Sorry, noticed I already posted the photo of the cup, but I’m too lazy to change it now : P



Learning to Draw: Post #2

Skeletons and skulls, to understand the structure behind the human face

Practicing anatomy

More muscular dudes

A happy crocodile, painted with ref

Dragon without ref, to see what I learned from the crocodile

I still suck at drawing hands, back to practice!

Foots…are so incredibly hard to draw. Needs more practice!

I spent this week drawing, meeting interesting people and learning more about game analytics. Things are moving very fast right now, seems like new stuff is happening each day. But at the same time I start to feel a bit isolated. Realized I hadn’t been in the central city in about one week, when I rode my bike the other night. Strange how fast thing can change…

Anyway, been drawing a lot of 60 second poses from, studying anatomy and drawing, drawing and drawing. Had the time to pay Stockholm a visit, and next week I’ll be back for the big Rovio-party. Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, are opening a new Stockholm office, and now they’re throwing a big party! I’m gonna name all these post about drawing “Learning to Draw”, so keep your eyes peeled on that tag if you want to follow the progress. Hopefully there will be progress.


Learning to Draw: Post #1

At the beginning of this week

At the end of this week.

This week’s been all about drawing for me. I’ve always created things and painted, but ever since my life got a bit more busy with working and stuff, I haven’t really had the time to draw like I did before University and Junebud.

Drawing is my hobby, and it’s one of the few ways for me to get into flow, to just forget about time and trying to improve my skills and express myself. I mainly draw to express ideas, feelings or design fantasy creatures. I don’t want to draw for a living, since I fear that would kill the fun of it, and put a lot of pressure on me.

So this week I decided to get back in the game again, and to really try to level my skills. I’m aiming for more dedication this time, and so far I’ve been drawing for about 3-5hours each day. I’m starting off with basic anatomy, and quick gesture drawing, and in a month or so I’ll try to tackle the digital bit again. Hopefully I will manage to keep this up, and I want to share my progress with you each week! I’m doing this for me, to fill the gap after I decided to hang out less on Facebook, 9gag, crappy fashion blogs and other stuff that just kills your time. I’m not aiming to be the best, but to see how far I can go. Wish me luck!

First digital drawing Algenpfleger posted in his online gallery at Diviantart, late 2007.

Posted less that one year later by Algenpfleger again. This guy has been working his ass, and it’s so inspiring. He decided he wanted to learn how to draw and paint properly, and then practiced every day until he reached his goal.

Refs for my images this week: Skeletal system, Posemaniac, Basic Anatomy and some extremely motivational inspiration!