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Learning To Draw: Post #8

Hi guys, you know the deal by now. Newest stuff at the top, older drawings as you scroll down. To see more of these “Learning To Draw” posts, chose “Learning To Draw” tag to the right or use the index at the bottom of the post.

Study of male face, from Magic Mike, 29th of Oct, 45 min

More digital practice on the 29th of Oct, 2 hours

Finally got my computer to work with a proper Photoshop on it! 29th of Oct 2 hours

Some quick stuff while watching Magic Mike on the 28th of Oct

Computer broke down and no energy to draw, 28th of Oct

Some crap doodled during the 17th Oct

Sick, sick girl 16/Oct 30 min

Some quick doodles to work my anatomy (pun intended) on the 16th of Oct. 60 sec/each. 

So since my computer decided to fuck itself I haven’t really had access to Photoshop the past two weeks. Also my new job has taken a lot of energy, as moving to Stockholm, new roomie, new hoods, riding trains for 1,5 hours each day etc. The list goes on, but I try my best to get back to drawing each day, as I notice it really does my good.

Photo of my “Learning To Draw” album on FB. Realized I’ve been doing this for more than two months now!

Lately I’ve been trying to practice on drawing skin digitally, and if you have any good tutorials, don’t hesitate to share it with me. Feedback is always welcome!

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Paradox North

Swag from Easy Studios & Paradox!

The sun is going down on Stockholm. Beautiful but cold city. Feels exciting but a bit weird to actually be living in Sweden’s capital now.

Release party for War of The Roses two weeks ago. Photo by @TanvirMansur. Paradox is a big publisher and developer of games in Stockholm, most known for strategy games.

On my way to the Paradox party. Colored my hair before moving from Malmö.

Anything can happen when you work at the 23rd floor!

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while since my last update here. Real life is taking a lot of (well deserved) energy and attention right now. Not only am I starting a new job and getting to know a new team, but I have also moved 450 kms to a new city and battling a broken computer and some health issues.

After Junebud went bankrupt during August I landed a job at Paradox in Stockholm, starting two weeks ago. Paradox is a big publisher of games, and also develops their own games. They’re Sweden’s 4th biggest game company and it’s very exciting to be working for such a big studio! I’m working for Paradox North, a small studio within Paradox itself. Paradox is made up of Paradox Interactive, Paradox Development Studio, Paradox North & South, all in all employing something like 70-80 people!

The company is mostly know for real time strategy games, but has also published games like Magicka and is now working on the crafting mmo Salem together with Seatribe (to mention one ongoing project). I’ll be working on a mix of several games, putting the skills I learned at Junebud to good use. Most of all it feels really good to be back in the game again, doing something that matters!

Learning To Draw: Post #7

Here’s the last batch of drawings I made the past week. Newest on top of this post as usual, you know the deal! To watch all posts and the progress (I hope there is any), choose the tag “Learning To Draw”, or click your way back in time at the bottom of this post.

Drawing my sis watching TV.

Some robots while hanging out with the family in Finland.

On the train, more doodles.

Trying to draw on the train to Stockholm from Malmö.

Hands and some random doodles.


Hi guys! I haven’t been drawing or painting as much as I should the past week. Real life stuff are taking a great deal of energy and time right now. As you may know I’m starting my new job in Stockholm (first day today yay!). And with that comes moving all my stuff to a new city, discovering basic things like where to shop everyday foodstuffs etc.

And on top of that I’m trying to rest my wrist (oh the fap jokes!). I think it got stressed last month after all that drawing. Also, I went to the eye-doctor a few days ago, and it seems like the reason to why I’m so tired and feel like I can’t really focus my vision has an explanation  Feels good to know I wasn’t just making it all up in my head, but not so good I need to take care of this eye-related problem. Anyway, new session to the doctor booked, it’s nothing dangerous, more annoying than anything else.

Need to get back to drawing the daily self-portrait and reading anatomy by Loomis. I somehow feel like I’m reaching for the next level of my drawing, now I need to find a way to push trough to ding another level…

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Mojang’s Housewarming Party

Game developer beer in Malmö, Tuesday, arranged by Tarsier Studio. It’s really nice they are hosting these kinds of get-togethers! I felt a bit socially awkward since I’ve been hiding away in my dungeon last coupe of weeks, drawing. To my surprise and joy a whole bunch of old Junebuddies showed up!

Heading off to Stockholm on Thursday to attend Mojang’s housewarming party! Got latest issue of Wired to keep me company on the train. Takes about 4,5 hours to go there.

Enjoying a cup of tea at the Mojang’s offices. They got a super cool studio! Sorry, didn’t take any more pictures, was too busy hanging out with my friends and making new ones. Thanks to Lydya and Johan who invited me!

My sister did my awesome braid on the train from Uppsala to Stockholm for the party. Thanks Kira!

Had a chance to check out my new apartment in Stockholm. Found out I live near two beautiful lakes <3

Autumn up here is so beautiful! I usually look up, watching trees when I’m out walking.

Last week I went to Stockholm from Malmö, delivering a first batch off stuff to my new apartment. New job starts on Monday the 15th, and I’m really excited! I had the chance to attend Mojang’s housewarming party and mingle with some of the most awesome game developers in Sweden.

About Creativity And Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and what it means to be creative, ever since I started the madness that is “Learning To Draw” this August. I’m not even sure why I kicked off this drawing project, but somehow I just feel like it needs to be done. For the past month I’ve been drawing for 2-8 hours each day, and last night I felt like I hit some kind of wall. I think I need to structure up my approach to this whole project. To me it feels like this drawing thing is something I simply need to do, there’s really no better way of explaining it. It’s like I had this map inside my head my whole life, but I just pushed it aside year after year, thinking I got other things I need to do, before I can devote any time to exploring where this drawing and painting will take me. And once I started exploring this map I know I can’t quit. Life is short, I need to find out where this will take me.

Studying how to break down the human anatomy into basic parts last week.

I got absolutely no intentions on ever making a living out of the drawing and painting. I’m starting my new job on Stockholm next Monday, and I’m very excited about that. The job is in the video games industry, but totally unrelated to drawing in any way. Speaking about jobs, if I take a step back and rewind the history just a few months, I think I got a pretty good idea of what sparked this drawing and painting. About a year ago I actually realized I could die at any moment. I was near choking on a mint, and before my programmer friend JiTe stepped in and saved me, I had the chance to experience what it feels like to realize you might die. I felt no fear as I desperately struggled to get some air down my lungs, but my whole body was in panic, ofc it didn’t want to die! I was thinking “This is it, this is dying. It’s not like in the movies where people die as heroes, saving kids from burning houses, where their death serves a purpose. This is real life. People die of trivial things like falling in a bath tube, or getting hit by a car on the way to school. That’s so meaningless and sad! And now it’s my turn.” And then JiTe helped me to get the mint out so I could breath again. I went to the bath room to wash my face with cold water, my legs trembling so much I could hardly walk. That incident somehow got me thinking time is not infinite.

In June I started my summer vacation from Junebud. Stressing down I finally had the time to think about how I was living my life. I wrote a post about how it felt like I was spending too much time on random shitty stuff like Facebook and 9Gag in July. So I stopped vising time consuming sites that did nothing else than wasted my time. And that vacuum needed to be filled up with something constructive. Something important to me. I started to doodle and draw during the summer, and the combination of Junebud’s bankruptcy and the fact I got more spare time than I had for the past couple of years, created some kind of canvas that really came to life only when I re-discover this thread on It’s this Greman guy Hannes who one day decides he will learn how to paint and draw properly. He is born the same year as I am, and he posts his first post the same winter I started studying game development. So in some dorky way I guess I felt a bit connected and inspired. Hannes really becomes an amazing painter and proves everyone can learn, it’s all about how dedicated and willing to learn you are. Talent sure helps a lot (in the beginning), but it’s not vital for your success.  I think talent helps you getting into flow, and when you are in flow things feel more fun, and if you find something fun chances are you will continue doing it and get better at it. Right?

Click the picture to watch the short video. Sometimes I use other ways to express my feelings, in this case stop-motion.

At Junebud our concept artist Johannes (check out his amazing portfoli & blog), always talked a lot about how to improve, get better and kick some ass. He was totally against the concept of “talent” and said it’s all about deciding. Decide what you want to do, and then just stick to your plan. Grind, work and get better. Johannes is a very inspiring guy, and he’s always striving for improvements. By listening to Ola (Junebud’s former CEO), Johannes and our animator Karrey I learned a ton about self-discipline, time management and analyzing human behavior. I started to think about creation of images and art like a carefully planed process and not something you do only when you feel inspired. To get good at something you need to do it often, over and over again and make many mistakes  Mistakes are really what makes us good at something, they improve us the most. Be happy for making mistakes, they show you are trying to get better.

I almost never get creative and inspired from looking at other people’s art. When I look at what other people draw I enter an “observational mode”, not a “creation mode”. I try to learn from others, but I don’t get inspired to create something that represents my own feelings and experiences. Because that is the ultimate goal for me,  to express that burning, vibrant knot of feelings I have deep down, in the back of my mind and heart. It’s hard to explain what I’m talking about. But it feels like this is the core to why I’m doing what I do, why I’m drawing and painting at all. I try to express feelings and emotions. Happy, sad, confused, scared and everything in between. I can lay awake at nights, wishing I knew how to paint the feelings I get of listening to a specific song, how to nail it down on a piece of paper. And right now I don’t know how to really do that, so that’s why I’m studying the basics of drawing and painting. To find out how to translate my feelings into something other people can understand.

Sometimes I try to photograph a certain feeling, like in this picture. I was trying to portrait “absence”.

That brings me to why I think so many artists have lived lives in chaos, sometimes unhappy and bashing themselves. Living a life on the edge ALWAYS makes you feel at least something. If you live a calm, relaxed, easy life you get lazy or you fall into routines that protects you from the real ups and downs in life. You live your life from 9-5, in a suburb, watching TV at night, spending your vacation on the Canary Islands (if you are a Finn or Swede). I’m not saying that kind of life is bad, it’s a safe life, a life the majority of the world’s population strive to achieve, and I respect that. But I’ve noticed a lot of creative artists subconsciously make decisions that prevents them from living that kind of a life, because it would put them in a position too far from chaos or destruction that makes them feel. And emotions seem to be some kind of fuel for the most of us.

So the question to me is how to balance a healthy lifestyle (going to bed in time and eating healthy stuff), hard dedicated work and a life that’s not too predictable and safe? I love working in the game industry, it’s full of awesome, inspirational people and there’s always so much stuff going on. And I try to do things that opens my mind and makes me feel stuff, like hanging out with friends, travel to far away countries and drag myself out of my comfort zone. If I practice hard enough I might be able to even put down some feelings with pen and paper in the end. That’s all I ever want.

Learning To Draw: Post #6

You know the deal, newest stuff at the top of the post. If you are interested in tracking the whole progress I suggest you choose the tag “Learning To Draw” on this blog, or use the links at the end of the post. You can find me on Polycount here (click for link). The past week I picked up digital drawing again, using Photoshop and my Intous 4 A4 o_o;

This weekend I went to Stockholm, for a first look at my new apartment and to attend Mojang’s housewarming party (which was awesome and deserves it’s own post). Didn’t have much time to draw. These are some made up doodles on the train back home. I was even a real creepy douche bag drawing people who had fallen asleep on the train xD 7th/10

Some nude studies from photo refs. 4th/10

More practice on painting in PS, blending colors. Some kind of puma hat used by a made up nature people. 2nd/10

It’s very hard to transfer my analog skills to PS. I’m using a Medium Intous 4 which I bought back in 2010. 1st/10

Alright, so it’s time for the moment I dreaded, to add digital painting to my routine lol. I must say I find color blending very hard in PS, and right now I have no idea to do stuff like paint in grey and then color it. Or how to use all the layer blending options?
So spent week trying to fins some tutorials on
The plum took me 45 min, and after reading some how-to’s I managed to paint the dragon head without ref.

For the self-portrait group on FB. Number 4. 30th of October. Need to get back on track with these portraits, haven’t really got time to make them 1/day during the last week. I learn so much from making them, they feel vital if I want to evolve in painting human faces.

Grabbed my pen and paper, went outside to draw on the 30th of October (like a boss). Tried to practice some perspective (on which I suck big time).


Awh, I need to write other posts than just these “Learning To Draw” themed ones, I know! But the past week I’ve had a bunch of real life stuff I needed to do. I’m starting my new job in Stockholm on the 15th of October, so this week was all about moving my stuff, travelling to Stockholm (I currently live in Malmö and for those of you who suck at Googling/geography we are talking about Sweden). Real life is interfering with my drawing mission right now. Been thinking on how to keep up with the drawing once I go back to working 8h/day like normal people. To me drawing is a hobby, and I got no intentions whatsoever to make a living out of my art. I’m doing this for me, I want to see how far I can push this artsy side of me.

Oh wow, my desk is staring to look like one of those artsy desks artsy people have at home. Too bad I’m moving to Stockholm and need to pack all that shit into boxes. Takes a long time to build an artsy mess like this!

I strongly believe a key to success is cementing good and healthy routines like going to bed in time, eating healthy and working out. To constantly iterate upon these habits and to mix it up with spontaneous things like parties and hanging out with friends. Time management is a very hard thing to do, but it’s not impossible. Simple, everyday routines are something many despise or dread, they don’t want to “feel trapped”. But I can tell you good, daily routines are vitally important to almost everyone’s well being. If the world for some reason turns into a dark place (if you lose someone you love or have an accident), firm, daily routines will help you getting back to normal life. There’s a reason people who experience really traumatic things should go back to work or school as soon as possible, it helps them recover faster. So never look down on routines or good habits. One day they might save your mind.

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