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World of The Dead

IMG_2559Since Junebud (the previous game company I worked for) has been dead for more than 6 months now, I feel like I can share this with you. Junebud delivered two games; MilMo and Tuff Tanks between 2009-2012. MilMo was a fun, colorful, friendly experience. Tuff Tanks was a bit more edgy, with some attitude, but still very light and suited for a younger casual audience. Today MilMo is still up and running, but Tuff Tanks (that’s owned by Aeria Games) I believe is removed from the app store by now. However, there were a third game that never really made it into the public space. A prototype, a last shot, that we poured all the energy and time we had left when we understood things might get tight. It was a zombie mmo called “World of The Dead”. We even got so far we had a working prototype up and running, cross platform. It was possible to play it on a PC together with someone playing on a tablet, at the same time, which is kinda cool!

IMG_2561The game was set in a dark, violent post-apocalyptic version of modern day USA. I think this was almost as far from MilMo as we could possibly go in many ways. A lot of the developers at Junebud had a background in creating heavy war games, and some of them just wanted to get away from that, creating MilMo. So I guess you need variation even when creating stuff? It can’t always be just shiny happy or dark gritty. Not for me anyways.


photoWhen Junebud went bankrupt, the IP to World of the Dead got no buyer, and I’we spoken to some of the old crew members, so I’m happy to show you what we did work on for the last couple of months. I know the world of game development sometimes is a hard place, full of broken dreams and crashed hopes. For every game that makes it to the app store or becomes an even modest selling hit, there are thousands of failed projects, games that lost founders or teams that just couldn’t finish their projects. At least I can now share with you the very last thing we poured all our tears, blood and midnight oil into. Enjoy!



Learning To Draw: Post #19

Have not been drawing that much past week, plenty to do at work and my eyes are really fucked up again. I’m very sad and frustrated about my eye problems coming back, and even worse this time, despite my new glasses I got only two months ago. I have been trying not to sit in front of the computer at all when I don’t need to, but things are really bad. I’m sorry for all the negative energy, but I’m just very low right now…


Found some water colors laying around at home. Just testing them out, sorry for crap.


Having fun with my new marker in my way home from Malmö till Stockholm. Kinda hard to draw straight lines on the train hehe…


Past week at work while waiting for the SQL queries to search the database. I run over 300 of them á 15 sec each. Hard to find anything else to do for 15 sec hehe.


On my way back home after the weekend in Malmö.


It takes about 5,5 hours from Sholm to Malmö with the Veolia trains. Spending my time drawing.


Drawing on the train between Stockholm – Malmö. Got a new pen ♥


1,5 hours. Listening to a documentary about The Pirate Bay. More layers and masks and stuff in Photoshop. Baby steps.

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Game Developer Events!


The only photo from GDC -10 I managed to find. Or I think it’s taken on the same day GDC Europe ended and Gamescom began. Many devs choose to visit them both when in Köln since they are held the same week.

The MilMo devblog (MilMo is a game developed by Junebud, today owned by Dohi Entertainment), is still up! The blog features a lot of photos taken at conventions and events like Game Developer’s Conference, Nordic Game Conference and Casual Connect when I worked at Junebud. Since I don’t know if the blog will be up forever I decided to download some of the photos (I hope it’s OK since I’m the one both in front of the camera and owning the original pictures to some extent). I put together some collages of photos for the fun of it, remembering good times!


Nordic Game Conference -12 with friends at the Nordic Game party in Malmö, Sweden. Awesome times! I danced so much this night I woke up with a sore neck…


Swedish Game Conference: Satellite South in Malmö 2012. This is the game writer behind “Amnesia -the Dark Descendant” at the end of his lecture about storytelling. I gave a presentation about game metrics which was very appreciated.

As a community manager and someone with an interest in people I enjoyed the privilege of visit all these super nice events during my time working with MilMo. Me and the CEO of Junebud, Ola Holmdahl, promoted Junebud’s games, made business and attended inspiring lectures, taking careful notes and bringing back the info to the company, sharing it with the crew. After each event we put together all our material and organized internal conferences back at the office; JuneCons! A lot of the business partners Junebud worked with were people and companies we got to know at professional gatherings like NGC or CC. Prior to this I attended NGC two times as a volunteer, helping out and organizing stuff.


Nordic Game Conference in Malmö 2011. The photo in the upper left corner is a photo from the official page of Nordic Game :)


Casual Connect in Hamburg 2011.


Gamescom in Köln 2011. Super cool event!


Casual Connect 2012 in Köln.

Learning to Draw: Post #18

Mooar stuff and drawings to post!


1 hour, experimenting with gradients, layers and colors. Feel like I’m starting to understand what layer effects really do in PS. I also made a line art drawing to my friend Maria today. Let’s see what she decides to do with it : D Gonna show you when it’s done!


On the train between Uppsala and Stockholm today. Hah, I feel like all I ever do is going places, spending hours on the train, lol.


Ref in the upper left corner. Octopus like a sir! I love drawing animals and stuff living in the sea. I spent most of my childhood collecting bones and cutting apart dead animals to find out what they looked like inside, and I guess all that makes me more confident in drawing animals. Humans on the other hand: big fukking mystery.


I take all mu photos with my iPhone 4S. Really need a scanner. Sorry for the quality…


More drawing on the train!


Drawing on the train between Holsbybrunn and Stockholm. I traveled 10 hours to hold two lectures about game metrics and community management at a school that day. Had such a nice time!


Just a bunch of stuff I made during the week. I run a lot of SQL-queries at work, and they take about 60 sec to run. During that time I sometimes draw or doodle.

Just a bunch of stuff. Gave a lecture at a game design school this week, which was so much fun. I spent the whole day at the school, talking about how to increase your chances to work with video games, community management and game analytics!

This time I want to give you a heads up about an artist named Gabriella Liv. She went to the game dev school in Skövde, and today she creates beautiful art mixing digital painting and real life mediums like oil painting, studying at TAD. Click [here] to view more of her art.


Image by Gabriella L. Click [here] to view her DeviantArt gallery!


Image by Gabriella L. Amazing light and colors! She really have developed so much during just a few years : D

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DeviantArt gallery featuring most of the stuff I made so far: [click here]

Learning to Draw: Post #17

Feels like I’m back at drawing after two weeks of less energy and some self-doubt. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, so here’s the last batch of stuffs. Most were made at the train this weekend.


Doodling eyes when I got home from work, to relax.


1,5 hours in Photoshop. Feels like I’m back at drawing with more motivation and energy!


On the train between Malmö and Stockholm. Drawing non-stop for 4,5 hours.


3/2-13 Draw it like you mean it!


Drawing poses from imagination, because anatomy is still frikking hard to do right.


On the train from Stockholm to Malmö during Friday. Had a very nice weekend in “Sweden’s Crime City #1” (Swedes believe Malmö to be a gangsta ghetto, but that’s really far from the truth lol. I love Malmö as a city <3)


1/2-13 Drawing on the train between Stockholm-Malmö. I just happen to get a seat next to a guy working at DICE. He was also drawing the whole trip. No ref.


1/2-13 Drawing on the train from Stockholm to Malmö. My mood at the time, hehe.


31/1 -13 Drawing my friend Henrik who works at Easy (another game company in Stockholm). I haven’t really drawn faces from IRL before, these two drawings are the very best of what I was able to produce during 1 hour at his office… If I can trick him into posing like 1/month maybe I could create a series of Henrik Frenshgirls and there could be visible progress 8D


30/1-13 Drawing when I can’t sleep.

The past two weeks I’ve really been struggling to organize my life in a way that makes me happy. I’m trying so hard to devote my attention and energy to my job, because I want to do it well. At the same time I find it very hard to maintain a pain free neck/back if I sit in front of the computer 8 hours (+1 hour lunch) each day. Then to go to the gym 1 hour each day to reduce the back/neck pains. I usually go during lunch, so this means I end up taking a lunch lasting 1,5 – 2 hours. Which means I need to stay longer at the office. Which means I can’t really make it back home in time to cook food and go shopping for food before the local market closes. I spend in average 10-12 hours away from home each day. And when I get home I’m completely exhausted and just want to eat cuz I’m starving.

So I make some food while in a coma like state, and try to draw for 1-2 hours before bed. Then I end up with more back/neck pains and I want to go for a walk, but after the gang-rape in my hoods I don’t feel so safe going for night walks on my own anymore…You get the picture. And then to squeeze cleaning, friends and family into that, especially when I’m traveling to Malmö/Finland/Göteborg almost each weekend.

Stuff I’ve done to clear up all this mess is to eat all my food out at restaurants. This way I don’t need to devote time and energy at cooking at home or bringing lunch boxes. I only have a package of milk and a bag of muesli at home for breakfast. But I still need to find a way to fit my life together. How do people with kids even handle all this?!

Inspiration time! A friend of mine, Johan Wahlbäck, is a very skilled 2D artist, working at Southend in Malmö atm. Prior to that he worked with Sanctum and Bloodline Champions. You should check his blog out [link here]! We went to the same game dev school in Skövde back in the days.


Image by Johan Wahlbäck.


Image by Johan Wahlbäck.

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DeviantArt gallery featuring most of the stuff I made so far: [click here]