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LTD 57: The Hag Countess





Been working hard all week at my new job, so didn’t have that much time for drawing. Yeah, I got a new job as a game designer/associate producer at Tarsier Studios here in Malmö, since three weeks. Tarsier is perhaps best know for their work with Little Big Planet Vita and LBP DLC. It’s awesome there and I’m very excited about it. Gonna tell you more when I got the time for it. I even work with some old Junebudders and a bunch of new, super talented people! Very excited for the future right now. Things feel bright again after some uncertainty and many sleepless nights where I was laying in my bed, looking at the starts and trying to figure out the future. I’m feeling hopeful!

So I went to this week’s croquis lesson, and it was very nice. I’ve noticed the first couple of drawings always look like shit, but when you are warmed-up things start to look a lot better. Like sports. You need to warm-up if you intend to deliver something cool. Croquis really puts me into flow mode, time just flies by when I’m there! Wish I could attend more than one class every week.

I decided to participate in the current round of “character of the week” at CA.  The theme is the one I described in my last post, a D&D character; “The Hag Countess”. Deadline is next weekend. Let’s see if I can make it. Already poured like 5 hours into it and learned plenty about how to organize your work process.

LTD 56: Self-portrait





Yeah, latest batch of stuff I’ve done. Found the “mix brush” in CS6 and played around for a while, absolutely love it! Gonna save it for later and use it when I feel it has something to add, not just a gimmick. Did some redesign for my “character of the week” submission to ConcepArt’s event. Apparently a katana is not “a gadget”, so needed to invent a new time traveling device for my girl. Gonna see if I can find some time an participate in the next round of the CHOW event. The brief is very interesting and sparks a lot of imagination within me:

“For a thousand years Malagard, ruled Malbolge, the Sixth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. She is a gruesome night hag, with large black feathery wings and a gaunt face, sporting a nearly toothless mouth that smells of the dead and decaying flesh of an animal. She has bruise-colored skin, covered in pimples and varicose veins, constantly seeped with foul blood. Despite her decrepit form, the Hag Countess is a very powerful.”

I learn a lot from participating in these events. It makes me push myself even more, and if I’m lucky someone more veteran is friendly enough to point out my flaws and weaknesses so I can work on them. Always harder to spot the things you suck at yourself….

Other than than I’ve been practicing more gray-scale and a selfie. I now use 100% opacity and 100% flow, and it seems to help a lot.

Catch you later, now it’s gym time!

LTD 55: Grayscale Practice & Streaming




grayscale practice


Hey boys n’ girls! I don’t have that much fancy to show this time. I’m home with the flu and almost too tired and sick even to draw. Been experimenting with some new brushes (top). I mostly use just a few brushes, but it’s fun and exciting to experiment and find new ways to create cool looking images. Fancy brushes are like spices. They don’t cook the food for you, but they do spice it up, and a great dish with the wrong spices are just awful, if you get what I mean.

Also, I’ve set up a streaming channel if anyone wanna watch my painting or just hang out. You’ll find it HERE. So far I’m just derping around while streaming, afraid that people will find it boring ha ha! But a lot of my friends seem to appreciate the efforts, which makes me happy! Saving the videos for on-demand if someone wanna watch later.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I have a hard time dealing with perspective and contrast. To tackle this I’ve decided to make some gray-scale studies of photos. This means I choose photos and then make a study of the object. A “study” is when you take the time and study one particular thing and try to learn something specific from doing it. It’s not about copying the image, but to learn something. To crack down on your own weaknesses or broaden your visual library. I only use brushes with 100% opacity, no pen pressure and a simple palette consisting of 5-6 shades of gray to choose from. This forces me to first think about form and shape. To only see the form of the objects. Then to see what objects are the darkest in the image, what are mid-tones and what parts feature the lightest shades. I really need to think and concentrate while doing this, feels almost like solving math problems heh! Hopefully this will make me better contrast and shape. Gonna need plenty of practice. Downloaded this program called Rescue Time. It gives me niche chars showing what I spend my time on. Give it a try!

Some days it feels just like I never learn, only draw the same crappy doodles over and over again. Might be the flu that makes me grumpy. I don’t know. The site CTRL Paint wrote a nice blog post about this. How hard it is to master painting. It takes years and is very difficult. But I still love it.

Prints Of My Art For Sale!


Click the photo to watch my gallery!

Got the test print I ordered, now able to confirm print and paper from Society 6 is of great quality! So if you want something I’ve drawn or painted, don’t hesitate to order from the site or contact me at contact@saracasen dot com! After the print and paper is paid for I make like 3€/shipped print, so I don’t exactly expect to get filthy rich, but whatever! o/

LTD 54: Less Is More (Yes It Is!)






Woke up this morning and reworked my “time traveler” character for the “character of the week” event. Less is definitely more, heh! I don’t get it, WHY do I keep on adding ugly details and “noise” to my images when it almost always makes them worse? I want to get better at focus on a clean color palette, nice lines, great values and simple design <__<

That’s why I made those two very simple and colorful characters. Never played journey, and only seen like two screens from it, but I think my design ended up resembling the game (even if journey seems waaaaay more beautiful!).

“Get the fundamentals down or the fancy stuff won’t work” as Randy Pausch said.

LTD 53: Character Of the Week Event!





I’m participating in the “character of the week” contest over at! The brief asks us to design a character that travels in time to make sure the evil, opposing group of scientists don’t get the chance to destroy the line of time. The brief said nothing about where the “time enforcer” might travel, but the game/movie is set in the future. So at first I was going to do something light and filled with bright colors, something a bit more light. But it looks like I ended up doing something a bit more dark. It’s still work in progress. Need to think of a nice pose for my badass heroine.

This week my artsy friend Kage gave me a call, and so we went to live croquis together! One and a half hour of drawing quick poses of this beautiful woman posing for us. I felt oh so rusty, haven’t drawn nudes in years, but man did it help my anatomy already. Hopefully me and Kage will be going there each Wednesday! I absolutely know I need to do this to develop further ^_^

LTD 52: Snowy Mountains






Bought my first premium content from the site CTRL Paint. I don’t know how I would have survived this far without all those awesome videos. So I decided to invest in myself and make sure the creator of the site, Matt, got some money to keep the site alive and well. Got “brush economy” for 10$, and it was really worth it! I strive to improve those hard edges in my paintings, to get a more “painterly” look at the same time. Seems like using masks in PS might be the answer. Cheers!

LTD 51: Uncanny Faces


Nothing too fancy this time, just a bunch of digi paintings and an old fancy handmade sketch on a paper from the hospital. I’m not sick or anything, just taking some cancer vaccines to ensure my future health, like a boss!

I’m totally sucked into painting skies, and even gave that old mountain landscape painting a go. Downloaded some new brushes and played around for a while. I know brushes don’t really make or brake the artist, but they do help a lot when painting some details, or when you want to get a very specific texture. Also, I’ve put two of my painting up for sale on a website, but wont’t really talk about it until I get my test print and have the chance to check out the quality first-hand :] Then l’ll be rich as fuck! Just kidding…

Spent whole night trying to get rid of some maleware that’s hijacked my browsers. Tried EVERYTHING by now. FML. Need to format the computer =__=