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Koi Fish

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Some muscle studies from the past week. I’m still studying the arms and now even the torso. I really feel like I’m learning a lot from this. It’s like I didn’t even know what the human body even looked like before I started doing these, haha! I draw and study, make notes of all the things I noticed a didn’t know before the study. Then I draw and study athletes from photos, trying to map out the muscles I’ve just studies. Works for me : )

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Here’s another pic from the week; some Koi fish in a pond. They were kind enough to let me pat them if I gave them food. Sweet!

Inspiration: Dope Characters

Here’s some random cool characters I found in my “Art Resources & Ref” folder when digging around last night. I’m not sure about who owns the images or where they are picked from (mostly floating around the web), but I do not own any copyrights for the following content. If you know where these images come from, please let me know : )






For more images like these, hit follow on the Tumblr of Deaux Ex: Human Revolution’s art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête. He posts some very nice things now and then. No zombies, post-apocalypse or high-fantasy stuff : D Refreshing!

Summer Adventures


A fresh page from my sketch book! I’ve now filled 1/3 of it. Attended the weekly sketch jam tonight, at Starbucks here in Malmö. It’s pretty much the only time i get to speak IRL to fellow artsy people about art, painting and drawing. Always looking forward to the meetups! This time we were around 15 peeps. Last week only three of us could make it. But it’s always fun to hang out with the other guys n’ gals. Some of them are game developers, so I get to rant about games and game making while being there. I guess you could say it’s my vent, haha!

As you can tell I’m still doing anatomy studies of the upper body, with a focus on the arms. Gonna pick the human body apart, piece by piece, and so far I’m learning plenty! Taking my time, not rushing trough the body this time. I think studying the bodies if real, live athletes in photos is helping a lot. I wasn’t really that motivated when looking at those dead anatomy charts. Hopefully this will help me create better life drawings when the life drawing classes start again this fall.

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When I’m not drawing or working I’m out in the sun, trying to find an adventure or two. The past days I’ve been to both Denmark and Germany. In Denmark I slept in a small cottage, listening to the soft summer rain falling on the roof, in the middle of the night. Super cozy!

When you live in Malmö it’s very convenient to just catch a train and go across the big bridge to Denmark, or to team up with someone who have a car and hit the road to southern Europe. When I was living on the Åland Islands you were pretty much stuck there and needed to plan ahead because with the ferries leaving the island, if you wanted to go places. From my front door I got ~20 mins to Copenhagen airport, one of the biggest airports in Europe! Sweet!

The Fear


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I’m trying to take some of the stuff I’m thinking about and making paintings of it instead of writing loooong blog posts. The top one is made today using colored pencils and black acrylics. It’s based on the theme “The Fear/Drowning”. Then there’s some technical studies of anatomy. I’ve found the best way to actually remember the muscles when I’m studying anatomy; watch male gymnastics, hehe…Those guys are so ripped it’s like observing a living anatomy chart…hehe…Starting with the upper front body, taking one part at a time. This time I will make it, I will go trough the whole body once and for all.

I’m not all too happy with the squid lady, wanted the squids to hang on to the character in a more needy way, but whatever. As you can tell I experimented a bit with adding a giant octopus to the image, but that idea got scrapped in the end. Had fun painting this, will try and make some more soon. It’s been way too long since I painted something based on feelings or inspiration or stories I make up in my mind. I’ve been to focused on just producing, not thinking of what I want to say with the stuff I create. Digging into my subconscious has given me tons of inspiration for new images to paint and draw. I mean, the end goal with learning how to do art must be to do the art, right? I’m not comfortable with doing art just to get better at it. As I see it, expressing yourself or perhaps creating something that has a feel to it should be my goal. All this practice, all these studies day in and day out, are just means to an end really. That said I try to value the journey as much as the goal. I honestly think doing just that is the only way to enjoy the journey and make it count. To make it fun and worthwhile.

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It’s really hot in Malmö right now. My poor, old Sony Vaio laptop can’t stand the heat, so every now and then I have to shut it down and cool it off. It’s so hot in my apartment the chocolate begins to melt if I don’t keep it in the refrigerator.

Bunch of Crap : D





Sometimes you create nice stuff…and other times….well, then there’s this failed stuff. Here’s a collection of my latest fails. Posting this to show how much I still have to learn, that I fuck up most times, but the thing is…I still keep on trying! This video about progress and artist’s block that Andreas posted in the comments was great. If you (like me) sometimes even feel you get worse by honoring your skills, then take a minute and watch : )

Game of Thrones Study


Got nothing worth showing, but I’m posting this face study from Game of Thrones anyways! I feel like most of the things I create at the moment end up really bad, but I know that mowing slowly is better than standing still. My mind is pretty occupied with running my company and doing regular workouts. Looks like I’m having a hard time running three big projects at the same time, so for now drawing will need to step aside a bit. Gosh, can’t believe it’s July already o_o