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A Missing Llama

mathiasz_study_halo study_mathiasz

Studies of Mathias Z’s amazing art. I know I can’t do his stuff justice (OR draw llamas apparently), but I try, and I learn. Got that feeling of loneliness again as soon as I sit down in front of the computer and open Photoshop. I just need other people to chat with, or draw together with  I think. My brain is not an introvert one, so I tend to get most of my energy (like 70%) from meeting, talking to or hanging out with other people. Spending too much time alone is not optimal for me or the way I operate. Managed to fight that feeling of loneliness today for long enough to make these studies.

If I would ever go to art school it would most likely be to draw and paint in an environment together with other people I guess.

My New Company Is Called Casen Crowd!


Today marks the day when the cat is finally out of the bag! I can now proudly announce my own company named Casen Crowd! The idea for the company has been with me ever since April this year, and I got my first clients in May. However it took until now to be able get a proper homepage, a logo and some official info. I have just been to busy focusing on making sure my first clients get all the attention they deserve.

Casen Crowd is a community management company focusing on the games industry. Casen Crowd helps game companies with social media and PR. The social side of video games and game development have always had a special place in my heart, and in my life. More or less every job I had so far in the games industry have been closely connected to the player community or focusing on helping the players enjoy the game, so helping other game companies with their communities and social media felt like a cool next step. After working with both hands on classical community management like moderating forums and social media strategies AND being able to combine it with my experience of analyzing player data I felt like I was on to something. When my contract at Tarsier ended in January I figured it was now or never to make something of my own. So I took a chance and went there.

If someone had asked me just a year ago if I wanted to start my own company I would would have stared them in the face and had a good laugh. But things change, and so do we (luckily!). It’s scary to run your own company, but I can truly say I have not had a single day at work when I haven’t learned something new. I have learned about such things as writing contracts, making offers, conducting interviews, VAT, marketing strategies, the App Store, Google Play, how to manage DNS, designing a logo, installing a new hard drive for a laptop, community management tools, social metrics etc.

So far I’ve had three main clients; Mediocre, VisionPunk and Game City. I’m extremely happy and lucky I have had clients since day 1, and I know that’s not the norm. I can truly say I got the best kind of clients since I feel I’m able to add value to their business while thy are able to teach me new things every time we met. Each and every one of them have been a pleasure to work with! My next goal is to sign a few more clients, so if you know any cool game developers looking for a community management consultant, be sure to send them my way and I’ll take good care of them < 3

Wish me luck, and don’t forget to follow Casen Crowd’s Twitter ! LET’S DO THIS!