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Work In Progressssz

unnamed (3)

Some work in progress. Learning a new method. Already spent like four hours on this stuff, probably going to wrap it up next week. Exhausting but fun! : )


A total side note (but still work in progress): been experimenting some with makeup lately! Never really had any interest in that before, but I guess that 26 is a decent age to start discovering that kind of stuff as well. Due to the acne that popped up at 11 and decided to saty ever since, I haven’t worn much makeup at all since it tends to make my skin problems even worse, but now it looks like my acne is finally retreating after 15 years, so I can now focus my skincare on something more exciting than just fighting red marks and inflammations. Yay!

Mini Game Dev Beer

cavestudy_of_jamajurabaev snowy_algen_study_learningsunnamed (2)

Scribbled some cows and bulls on this week’s sketch jam. Fun! It’s always so nice to meet new people and see some old faces each Tuesday at Starbucks!

The top image is a study of Jamshed Jurabaev‘s art, made during two hours of listening to nature documentaries yesterday. The middle image is just my study of Algen’s art with notes about all the stuff I learned or noticed while doing it. I hope I manage to actually learn something from all these studies, not just copying mindlessly, like a robot…hehe… Still color picking a lot, but since these studies are focusing on general techniques and not color I guess it’s OK. Color will come later. One step at a time, each step a success!

Spent the whole day attending this seminar about how to run a company, how to sell your services and how to market your business. Sitting still listening from 09 to 17 proved to be really challenging. I was just so extremely restless now when I’m used to set my own agenda each day. Somehow I can’t really understand how I managed to sit trough 8 hours of just learning by listening when I went to school (then again drawing classes and sports were my favorites). It must be a thing about habits or something? I often get the feeling my brain is running on many levels at the same time, processing several layers of thought at one time. I need to really concentrate to do one thing at a time.

unnamed (3)

Some friends were in town last week so we went for a game developer beer together. We all met when studying video game development together at the University a few years ago. So nice to see we all kinda found or own adventures and leveled up our skills since we first met : )

Cirkeln Fan Art on Twitter!


Hey! Look at that! The authors of the awesome urban magick teen books “Cirkeln” (The Circle) found my fan art on Twitter! And they really liked it! Nice boost! I read all three books this summer, they are really good and have become hugely popular in the Nordic countries. A movie is being made right now, and so far the trailer look really promising!

Boring Landscapes

mountain_fors_study fields_study scotland_study skärgård_study unnamed (6)

Some landscape studies from lately. Gonna make this post a short one since I need some time off screen. My right hand (my precious drawing hand that is), seems to need some rest after doing to many repetitive moments lately (save your jokes folks). I’ve got this support thing I wrap around my wrist when I work in front of the computer, and it’s helping. I’ve also invested in a really nice mouse. I’m staying away from push-ups at the gym and generally not using my right hand or arm too much. So this leaves little room for drawing and painting at the moment. Don’t want to catch something permanent, I need to be able to work my day job and pay my bills. I’m sure this will all be healed after a few weeks of resting and visiting the doctor a few more times : )

About the landscapes studies. I have NO IDEA how to include details in my landscapes. Like, literally NO idea at all. My landscapes just become these plain, smudgy, dirty 2D ugly looking things, heh. I mean, how do you even come close to something like Algenpfleger’s landscapes? To me it’s still as much of a mystery as when I started my Art Project more than two years ago. I need help with this : / Almost thinking of re-activating my sketchbook over at CA just to beg for hints on how to do this. I’ve been struggling for two years and I still don’t know how to solve this.


Tiny Little Sparks of Creativity


Above: drawing at work.

I was going to write something smart about creativity, but all I’m gonna say is this (here it comes, my one BIG tip for boosting creativity): never dismiss your ideas or quick bursts of random inspiration.

I’m not sure about you, but I often get random strikes of inspiration, like I glance at someone on the street and suddenly I see the idea for an exciting character for a novel. Or I look at a documentary and suddenly, out of nowhere I think of a fantasy world I want to draw, just before I fall asleep and my brain enters dreaming mode I see cool color combos I want to paint. These ideas come to me in bits and pieces. They are like sparks that quickly flicker by, somewhere in the borderline between my conscious and subconscious.

Never judge these “sparks”, never just throw them away, never say to yourself oh that’s a cool idea I will surely remember it later (because you don’t). Treat all ideas like ugly ducklings. They might seem stupid, pointless, confusing, impossible to turn into reality or scary. These embryos are like small sparks inside your mind, and if you are always quick to dismiss them they will stop appearing after a while. But if you take care of them, write them down or sketch them quickly on the back of a notebook or in a Wordpad document or on a post-it, you can save them for later.

And the next time you look at that “stupid” idea you realize you could actually be on to something. Your ugly duckling might be a swan. I got a note pad by my bed, I write stuff down in my phone, the back of my calender is filled with scribbles and words.


unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Some pages from my sketch book. Been very busy with other more business-related stuff lately. Casen Crowd turned 6 months now, and so far so good. I’ve been out of my comfort zone more times than can even begin to remember, and I’ve learned TONS about community management, social media, negotiating, handling clients, business, paperwork, web, graphic design, taxes, branding, marketing etc etc. Starting my own company may have been the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve also learned more in 6 months than I’ve learned in the last year or so. And no matter what happens in the future it feels like all this knowledge is gold worth! That said, yes it’s a bit scary sometimes : ) Got around to update my LinkedIn this weekend as well, to better reflect what’s going on in my career.

So I still get that feeling of loneliness when I sit down in front of the computer and draw at home. I think this is something that has grown bigger since I started working for myself. I’m very extrovert, and when I was employed the drawing I did when I got home after work was a way to get some time for myself (still got the need for “me-time” even if an extrovert), but now when I don’t have colleagues in the same way, I just feel like I would need more interaction with other humans IRL, so when I get home, turn on the computer and start to draw I just feel like I become even more lonely. I try my best to hang out with friends every weekend to make up for the lack of social during the weekdays, but I just need to find a better way to balance this stuff. Attending Malmö sketch jam is a good place to start, but it’s not nearly enough in the long run. Perhaps starting a Skype call group would be an idea?

I’ve noticed I tend to draw more cartoony stuff than realistic stuff. I feel like this is more true to how I want to draw and paint, but so far I’ve just felt that I need to learn how to draw the realistic stuff to do it the right way. Sounds crazy, right? I see all these amazing artists draw with an cartoony style and I feel like maaan that’s art that hits me right in the feels! Looking back at all the stuff I made as a child and teen, I always liked to do the cartoony things more. It felt more like my expression than when I tried to do photo realistic stuff. The cartoony style simply feels closer to my imagination. I think you should stay true to yourself, embrace and build on your strengths. So with this said I think I’ll finally start thinking of my cartoony style as OK and just go with the flow. I’m not aiming to become an concept artist or professional illustrator. I’m free to explore whatever styles I want : D Yeah!


Speaking of cartoony magic, I did my best to study Justin Oaksford‘s amazing image this weekend. This proved to be a great challenge. It left me feeling like solving a Ruki’s cube of art inside my head, trying to wrap my mind around where to even start when studying something like this. For me it involved a lot of planning for where I should put my layers, how to even start working with the lights, and what kind of brushes to use.

And last, but not least, I’m leavening you with some “failed” attempts of various things! A collage of faces all made in 10 minutes each, an unfinished study of Alexandria Neonakis‘s super cool art, and some Happy Plug’s girl (who got the exact kind of blonde hair and dark eyebrows I so desperately wish would fit my face but sadly it doesn’t xD).

10minface aktiskt_study_2 failed_happy