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Some Sketch Book Pages

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Some doodles from my sketch book. The scary guy with his mouth wide open is a drawing based on a dream I had last week. In my dream he pulled my arm into his mouth and started eating me alive. Not so cool. I could feel the small teeth piercing my skin right before I woke up.

Speaking of waking up, we have now passed the darkest day of he year, and from now on each day gets a little longer and a little lighter. I can’t wait until spring, when the black bird sings at sundown and the leafs start returning to the trees. I’m just not made for these dark, Nordic winters. There’s a reason I live in Malmö, it’s as far south you can get before moving from Sweden : P


The Fitness Project


I’ve been totally swamped with work the last two weeks, but got a batch of new drawings in the pipe for this blog. It’s hard to maintain the same level of art practice, run your own little business AND have the time to hang out with your friends and other social obligations.

On top of that I’ve been running another project of my own since April this year; The Fitness Project! This is something I haven’t posted about earlier, mostly because I have felt like keeping it to myself, and partly because I don’t think anyone is really that interested in my workouts or what I do at the gym, haha! However, since we’re already on the topic I’m happy to share this photo from my gym.

I’ve always been very active and growing up I participated in all kinds of sports like karate, ballet and track & field to mention a few. PE was always my favorite class (next to drawing) when going to school. I’ve spent countless hours of my free time paddling kayak, diving and playing hockey with my friends. To me a strong body is very important, a body that is fit enough to fight the currents when you are diving, or strong enough to climb high trees with your friends when you are on an adventure. Stuff like body weight or what it looks like has never really concerned me. Numbers on a scale doesn’t really tell you how much you lift or how deep you are able to dive, haha! Since I’m very tall I’m used to being the heaviest of my girlfriends, and I’m lucky enough to have a body type that responds well to building muscle.

One of my biggest problems with working so much in front of the computer is the fact that you are moving too little on a daily basis. It makes me very restless and lowers your basic cardio. And it certainly does not help that I spend a lot of my free time drawing. So earlier this year I created The Fitness Project to make sure I was taking care of my body and preparing for next summer’s surf and diving.  I’ve also constructed my own standing desk at work, which is awesome! Visiting the gym three times a week has so far helped me to get rid of all my neck and back problems(!), it has lowered the number of sick days and I just feel happier.

If you are working a lot with computers, how are you taking care of your body? Watching BroScience, loading my phone with great work out music or eating healthy foods are sure fire ways to get me inspired to work out. Great tips are always welcome! : )

In The News

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So…this journalist from a local newspaper in Finland gave me a call a month ago. She was curious about me and what I was up to. I agreed to an interview and we had a very nice Skype chat. Honestly I thought the text would be one of those “personal portrait” pieces at the back of Sunday’s extra magazines, so when I got this in the mail two weeks ago I must say I was a bit chocked, haha! I did not expect three full pages about me and my stuff. Well, it was fun, and perhaps this inspires someone else from my old hoods to become a video game developer!


Speaking about publicity, I held a lecture at my old university: Högskolan i Skövde, three weeks ago. It was mega fun to be back to the scene of the crime where I started my journey into the mad world of game development back in the days! After my lecture a young man from Finland came up to me and just wanted to thank me for lecturing about video games as a career four years ago when I returned to my old school in Finland. They guy had attended that 20 min talk four years ago and was now studying his first year at Skövde Högskola. So sweet ^_^

I met with some local game companies and had coffee with the studio managed for Paradox South’s office. Paradox has grown quite a bit since I left them in May 2013. They are now over 160 employees. When I signed my contract in Stockholm I was employee #94 (I think). It’s very nice to hear they are growing and keep pushing out plenty of exciting titles!

Skövde will always hold a very special place in my heart. It was a town filled with adventures, misery, happiness and so much confusion for me at the time. It was a completely new place, a new country and my first time living all by myself. I had just turned 19 the month before I packed all my stuff in suitcases and moved there to study. I can truly say I had the time of my life there, I met people who changed me forever, some that left a very deep mark on me, and developers who made me realize I really wanted to dig deeper into making games. But at the same time I’m very happy that time is over, that I was able to move on. Today it’s a bit like a ghost town to me. It looks all the same as when I lived there, but (almost) all my friends and hard core party crew are gone. Their memories are kinda like ghosts and for a second I always think that by visiting Skövde I will also travel backwards in time. Visiting the town always has my brain a bit confused at first.

As you can hear I got quite a vivid imagination, hehe. Maybe, one day, I’ll write a post where I discuss my imagination. I sometimes feel like I got all these “portals” in my head that keeps memories extremely alive and colorful, long after they’ve faded for most other people. Like I can reach into a memory and pull it all back again, whenever I want to. And sometimes I even get randomly inspired by things, like a movie or a book or just the color of the clouds, in such a way it feels almost like real memories, like I was able to catch a sneak peek into a portal showing other people’s memories. Perhaps I’ll write about that some day. Am I the only one experiencing this kind of feeling?


Tarsier Freak Show

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All my guys kinda look the same, hehe. Need to work some variety into the male figures and portraits I’m drawing. Attended the weekly sketch jam on Tuesday and then went for hamburgers. I’m on first name basis with the Starbucks baristas by now.

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Tarsier Studios (where I used to work) threw a party yesterday, and it was a blast! Didn’t snap that many photos, but the decoration was super cool! They had these weird DJ’s mixing chiptune music, a popcorn machine, a candy floss machine, free street food, a giant monster cake and so much more fun stuff. The themes was “Freak Show” and I do think they managed to deliver a freakishly sweet party. Check out their Instagram for more photos.

Meeting some of my old colleagues and having a beer with them was the best part of the night. I really had such a great team when working there : ) Miss you guys!