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Nordic Game Conference 2015

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Nordic Game Conference of 2015 is over. I had a blast! It was very nice to get the opportunity be part of the Art Contest hosted by Wacom and Epson. I did my best to make sure everything was running smoothly, writing the rules, designing a poster, convincing artists to try out the Wacom gear in the booth and counting the votes on Friday. The people from Wacom were nice, and I got two students helping out as well. We printed the participant’s art and posted it on the wall by the coffee table, where conference attendees were invited to vote on their favorite piece on Instagram or Twitter. The winner, Jerina Kivistö, got handed a brand new Intous PRO M on stage during the wrap-up of the conference on Friday. Her interpretation of the theme “Blueshift” was a worthy winner, but I’m really happy I didn’t have to pick a winner since there were so many talented artists joining this. I’m glad the crowd on social media got to decide, haha!

NGC always makes me feel like the Nordic games industry is one big family, and it’s really one of the high lights of the year to me. When everything is over I’m totally exhausted and overwhelmed by new ideas and inspiration, while at the same time I’m just super excited about what I’ve learned and all the people I met. This was my 7th time, and it’s starting to feel more and more like a class reunion each year. It’s the yearly opportunity to meet everyone you only speak to by email or on Twitter, to catch up and get drunk together, comparing war stories and meet new folks. This year I really felt like a n00b in so many ways. When you talk to people like Vic Bassey (editor of the Indie page The Square, top image), Laura Bularca (producer at Gothia Science Park and the person who snapped the photo of med and Vic) or listen to Brie Code (3rd image from the top) talk about how to assemble a kick-ass team, you just realize just how little you actually know. How it is even possible that learning new stuff makes you feel even more like >THIS<? Huge thanks to Jacob, Marie and all the others at Nordic Game for making this possible each year < 3

Speaking of art, Margel posted this very cute drawing of me, Ola and Ivan. It’s us from back in the days when we worked at Junebud together. The best part is that it does really look like Ivan’s haircut in real life ; D

Spring Cleaning my Computer

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As you can tell my computer is under construction at the moment, so it’s hard to make any digital drawings come to life right now. I’m learning how to insert additional hard drives, format stuff and taking the time to sort all my 200 000 images and photos. I can’t say it’s fun, but it was well needed and long overdue. Having the perfect backup and everything from 2003 neatly organized in folders is…extremely satisfying, haha! I organized my Art Project sketch books while I was at it and started filling my 7th book. I actually feel quite inspired, and as soon as I got my computer up and running I want to paint some nature stuff. Doing digital studies of fruit, trees and flowers makes me relax.

Other than that I’ve been preparing the Art Contest for Nordic Game (stop by and say “hi” if you happen to be there this week), mixing some smoothies and visiting the amazing mega aquarium Den Blå Planet in Denmark last weekend with my childhood friends! It was super awesome, my favorite species there has to be the Common Sea Dragon. It looks like a tiny version of the dead horses pulling the carts to Hogwarts. It’s also the inspiration for the Pokémon Dragalge (I guess?!).

More art next week, just wanted to make a post to tell you guys I’m still alive : ) Write me a comment if you know about any additional cool creatures living in the sea, I love weird looking animals!

Win an Intous Pro at Nordic Game Conference!


I’ll be at the Nordic Game Conference next week, hosting an art competition in the Art Corner, together with Wacom! Anyone can join the competition to draw their own personal interpretation of the Nordic Game 2015 theme “Blueshift” using products from Wacom. This is a great opportunity to try out a Cintiq if you haven’t already.

Participants’ artworks will be printed and displayed at NG15, and anyone with a Twitter or Instagram account can cast a vote for their favourite piece of art using the tag #NordicGame. The winner will be announced at 14:00 on Friday 22 May during the final conference session, and will receive their prize, a Wacom Intous Pro M, on the main stage.

If you happen to be at this year’s NGC, please drop by and make some cool art that we can hang on the wall!

A Different Mindset

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Found a pack of water colors in my drawer last week, so played around and explored a bit, making some rough quickies. Pretty soon found out I did not have the right kind of paper to make it work, but it was fun non the less! Been doing some thinking about creativity and art. Actually meditating a bit on my workout routine got me thinking. I mean, why is it that I make progress, have so much fun and just get into flow with the workout, but all of that seems to be lacking in my art at the moment? I really feel nothing when I put pen to paper, and I get easily distracted.

The funny thing is, I enjoy the workout so much, but I almost never post about it, talk about it or share it with others. When it comes to art I document it all, and mostly I think about a reason for doing art. I got two widely different mindsets for my art and my exercise, and one seems to be working much better. It’s like making an image in itself isn’t enough on it’s own (which it should be, as my friends pointed out when posting about this on Facebook). When going to the gym, each time there makes me feel…good. I feel like I had fun, like the workout on its own was worth something more than just the act of lifting heavy junk or running fast. I think I might be looking at the wrong place, when it comes to art. Earlier when posting about the Art Project I mentioned that the end goal was to level up my skills to be able to express myself trough art. I think that might have been the goal in the beginning, but the goal has changed somewhere along the way.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I think there is no “end goal” for my art. I think it has to be viewed on it’s own, that the process is the most important thing, just like with the gym sessions. I don’t have an end goal with working out, except that it will help me stay healthy in the long run, and it makes me feel good for the moment. Thinking about art as something that I need to grind is perhaps wrong. Of course I need to practice if I want to get better at it, but I think I need to look at it from the other way. I got a passion for working out, and I view each session on its own, and therefor I get better at it. I lift heavier and run longer as a result. The passion becomes the driving force, not the need to level up or the grind. When I think about it that’s the very reason I started drawing as a kiddo. I had a passion for making images, never thinking about if they were good or not, and the passion made me do more images, and as a result the images got better and better. I do knowledge that the push I’ve done the last 2,5 years has made a huge difference for the quality of my images, but I do think it’s time to step out of the cave and start focusing on the joy in the process.

Now I just need to figure out how. It would be interesting to hear your toughs on this, so feel free to write me a comment.