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Goodbye Art Project

It’s that time of the year again, when I summarize what I’ve learned about painting and drawing during the last 365 days. It’s this small tradition since I have this thing for organizing my life in different chapters. You can read about my first year of making art like a crazy person here, and my second year here!


Some pages from my sketchbook, showing humans and faces, from 2012 to now.

Almost exactly three years ago I sat down and made a drawing of Bane from Batman. The finished drawing lit a spark of curiosity in me, and I decided I wanted to level up my art skills. So I mentally committed to “The Art Project”. I would try my best to level up my art skills during the following three years, just to see what happened if I gave my mediocre art skills some dedicated time and space to grow. I wanted to explore my art. That’s how the “Art Project” was born. I guess I just wanted to improve. And it was a quite naive goal, since the I was mostly thinking of the technical skills, not things as creativity, passion etc.


The evolution of my fruits and vegetables, lol!

I feel like this final year I’ve started to feel detached from the whole project itself. There has just been so much other things going on in my life at the same time. I’ve been very busy running my own, small company, I’ve been having some health issues (my leg is fucked up an hurts when I sit down) and so on. When I look back at what I’ve created year #3, it’s frankly not that much. I’ve definitely created some of my best stuff so far, but all in all I’ve done very little of it. I think it also has to do with something I briefly touched upon last year, the fact that since I’m working (mostly) all by myself at my office I don’t want to spend the nights as well all by myself in front of yet another screen. It makes me feel alone. Alone and sad. Too alone to have the energy or spark to create. I need other humans more than I need to make art. I also love physical exercise more than I love sitting down and making art. When I choose between drawing, working out or hanging with my friends art will always finish last. That’s just how I am. I can’t spend days looked away in an art dungeon, hehe.


Landscapes, from December 2012 to January 2015.

Going trough my stuff from the last three years tells me I’ve definitely improved my technical skills, but I feel like my creativity is not what it once was. I don’t dream of new worlds, I’m having a hard time going into flow when creating, and I’m looking at it all on a very technical level, analyzing and picking it apart. If you made me choose between technical skills and creativity and imagination, I would pick the creativity and imagination without even thinking twice!


Some digitally painted faces from 2012 to April 2015. Still find this the hardest object to paint : 3

So, I feel it’s time for a new chapter here. I’m done with the Art Project! It has been a great learning experience, but I want to move on to other things in life. I want to get to a place where I mange to get so much more joy out of creating stuffs, may it be by drawing or dancing or doing push-ups or whatever. I’m ready.

I’m happy I did this, and looking back I can’t imagine how much I learned. I’m also super thankful for all the lovely people who have followed me, provided feedback, bought my stuff on Society6 or just kept following my blog from afar. Big thanks, you mean a lot to me! Good bye Art Project : D

Three years fly by so fast.



Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015

Giving a lecture at Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015!

Giving a lecture at Microsoft Game Camp Sweden 2015!


After the lecture I found this on one of the screens over at Gothia Science Park : P


Having a beer (or two) with the guys from Coffee Stain Studios. It was a blast!


Crunching numbers for the upcoming Game Developer Index of 2015. Reading +200 annual reports!

Last week I visited Microsoft Game Camp in Skövde and gave a lecture in “Metrics Guided Game Design”! It was very nice to meet with all the teams making games at the camp this summer. I did my best to provide feedback on their projects, talk community management and some marketing with them. Out of all the things I talked with them about, it seems like they all struggle with visibility. This was also the fact for a lot of the already established studios I met and talked with. They all talked about how hard it is today to get noticed on a very crowded market. There are more games coming out than ever, and since the tools for making games are getting more accessible with each update there is no reason to believe the flood of games entering Steam, the App Store or Xbox Live will diminish any time soon. It is very rare a good game just attracts an audience on it’s own, if you don’t get featured by the App Store or someone famous tweets about your game. Developers need to focus a lot of time and energy on marketing and PR. The big studios can afford to throw money at the problem and are often working with strong IPs. If you’re an indie or don’t have a widely known IP this are a lot harder.

I studied at the University of Skövde back in the days, so going back there is always kind of bittersweet. Most of the people that made the city so awesome have moved on by now, so it feels a bit lonely to be there. Luckily I met some new cool devs, and my friend G was kind enough to let me stay at his place where we watched TV-shows and sang in his car. After the lecture I had a coffee with the amazing Laura Bularca and then some beers with the crew from Coffee Stain Studios. All in all I was super satisfied with my visit and ended up smiling on the train back to Malmö the day after. I think it’s a huge privilege to get to share my knowledge and insights with others, and to get to listen to what others think. I believe you can learn the most by listening and asking the right questions, not talking about yourself all the time. I strongly believe that everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned is the gig I’ve been doing for this summer. I got the pleasure to work with research for their upcoming annual Game Developer Index! So I’ve been digging trough over 200 annual reports this summer, collecting numbers and digits. The report will be coming out in a few months, mapping out the state of the Swedish game industry. If you want to read last year’s report it can be found here for free (in English).

Adventures Around Skåne






Skåne is the southern part of Sweden. My friends surprised me with a car, some food and a map, and then we went on a whole day of adventures! We basically drove from coast to coast, visited a lot of historic places, old forts, a creepy-cool lime stone cave and Nimis (an illegal built tree house that over the years has come to grow to this epic fort, hidden my the beach in a nature park).

We fooled around at all these places, eating way to expensive pizza, driving around and hiking in the woods. We actually got lost on our way to find Nimis towards the end of the day, and what should have been a one hour walk ended up taking almost three. After getting lost in the woods we decided to walk along the rocky beach, which slowed us down considerably. The way to Nimis isn’t marked on any routs since it has been built illegally, and our phones were dead or out of Internet.

We finally found Nimis and managed to get back to the car just in time for the sunset, hehe. But it was totally worth it! This treehouse is so cool, and I’ve already tried to find it one time before so I just didn’t want to give up again. I’m so happy my friends take me on adventures like this < 3 On out way back we stopped by a hamburger place along the highway, and had some food. I got to drive as well, which was nice! All these photos are by my dear friend Nina.

Trends of Summer 2015


Just a small drawing I did on the train from Stockholm, showing the style and fashion trends of this summer! Some I really like, while others…not so much! But whatever floats somebody’s boat, right? Haha!

Going to Skövde tomorrow. I’m giving a lecture on video games stuff on Wednesday, on the Microsoft Game Camp. Gonna be a lot of fun! Meeting up with some old friends and all the students! I get so much energy from meeting with new people, especially creative ones.

Speaking of creative, the this August will mark three years since I stared my “Art Project”. Thinking a lot about what I’ve learned the past year, and about my yearly write-up. It feels like this year went by so fast it’s crazy. Also I haven’t been that productive this year (for several reasons). Well, until I write the new summary, feel free to read about what I learned during my first year of painting, and my second. Perhaps someone else can learn something : )