Monthly Archives: September 2015

Amazing Nature

havet kometen

Some photo studies I’ve done, approximately two hours each. Added some elements of my own to them before finishing. It’s more fun that way : P I experimented a bit with adding some text to the bottom image, but scrapped the idea just before I called it done. Maybe next time. We’ll see!

Right now I’m approaching each image like a puzzle I want to solve, and it’s just so much fun! I browse around on Tumblr and pick something that looks like fun. The photos need to have something challenging in them, as well as appeal to my feels.

When doing the top image my goal was to find a way to paint the the amazing light rays, and with the bottom image I wanted to find a way to make the comets look good. I view making images more and more like cracking mysteries and solving problems : )


berries_2_casen parrot_sara

Doing some painting. Here’s two photo studies of bright, colorful things! It was so much fun figuring out how to paint all the small details on the raspberries and the feathers in the parrot study!

Sweden Game Conference 2015


I gave a lecture at SGC15. Photo by Sebastian Bularca.

I’m back after a well needed break from the blog. This week’s been crazy. I went to Sweden Game Conference in Skövde Sunday to Wednesday, gave a lecture on basic marketing for indie games, then to Stockholm and less than 24 hours later I headed towards Malmö again. By Friday night I was running on fumes, but attending at SGC was so much fun! The awesome people at Gothia Science Park & University of Skövde really put together an amazing three days! I was a bit nervous for the lecture, since it was my first time talking about the subject, the first time anything I talked about would be streamed online and also the first time I gave a lecture in English. If you happened to be there and want to grab the slides for “Marketing Your Game 101” please do so HERE! 10 of 10 I will attend again!

On another note, killing the Art Project was really the right thing to do, I’ve had so much more inspiration ever since. I feel free to paint and draw again. I feel like I can relax and have fun while creating! : )