Monthly Archives: November 2015

Christmas Sale


Last chance to grab some of my stuff on a 20% sale combined with free shipping around the globe! Perhaps as a Christmas gift for yourself or someone you like? A huge thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of the deal, you guys rock! Visit my store here.

What Do You Mean?

Totally love the clash between the sad song and the cheerful dancers. Their goofy 90’s clothes, awesome dance moves and happy energy. I must admit that ever since Justin started to work with Skrillex, his songs got a whole lot better.

Landscape Study

94_365_countryside_by_snatti89-d9erxz1 snatti89_study

Did this landscape study of Snatti89’s amazing painting. You should totally check out his amazing stuff, it’s insanely good!

I added and removed some stuff of my own, wanted to capture the feeling of riding my bike home late on a summer night, after hanging out with my friends and swimming in the sea…Looking at it now, I think I need more hard edges and small details to add more depth?

Selfi Portrait: Steps

selfieselfie4selfie2selfie1Some steps behind my latest drawing. Used markers to force myself to think before I make a mark. The end result was a little bit too pretty to look like me, heh, but it was all very fun to draw! : D



Yesterday I spent three (!) hours just doodling around, making this. It started out as a self portrait, then I added some scars and color just to mix things up a bit! I totally suck at drawing humans, I still have so much to learn…I think I need to work with my values…? Every face I make look so flat : ( Yesterday was kind of the worst day ever. Some days you just cant wait to crawl back to bed and be on your way towards tomorrow…

Also, huge thanks to everybody who grabbed something from my Society6 page! You guys are awesome! It’s a true honor that you are willing to spend some of our hard earned cash on something I’ve made < 3

Decided to fire up my old Tumblr account the other day. So If you’re part of the Tumblr crowd, feel free to add me.

Last Chance


Turns out my stuff is still up for sale another 12 hours! So this is the last chance to buy some art prints, phone cases or canvas using that free shipping and 5 USD sale if you feel like getting some art for Christmas! : ) Click here to check out the offer: