Monthly Archives: December 2015

GDC16 Schoolarship!


Are you a female identifying video games student living in the EU? If you are, then here’s some really great news for you! The non-profit organisation Diversi  and King (that’s right, that company behind Candy Crush) announced last week that they will provide 10 women studying game development with the chance to go to GDC in San Francisco this spring! You can apply over at the GDC Schoolarship page! Diversi and King will select 10 winners who’ll get an “All Access Pass” each, as well as their flight tickets and hotel stay covered!

This is a really great way to get into the industry, to network, attend a bunch of lectures and hang out with other game developers! Apply now or pass on this possibility to someone you know who’d appreciate this opportunity! < 3

Something New


Exciting news everybody! I might be the co-founder of a brand new indie games studio! There is so much I want to share with you, but I just can’t tell you that much right now. We want to make sure that this is really happening, and there’s a few papers left that need signing.

What I can tell you however, is that I found the most awesome people to make games with, and the timing seems right. I truly believe we can make something cool together. We’re a really small team with a interesting mix of talents. I have been looking for a setup for a while now, where we all bring something different to the table, where you can learn from each other and see new possibilities together. I’ll share more with you as soon as I can. Promise!