All Around The World

Thailand 2010. Look closely and you will find a Santa hat in the picture.

Made a list of places I visited so far:

  • Finland (born in)
  • Sweden (live in)
  • Norway (spent summers in)
  • Denmark (visits every now and then)
  • Estonia (for a weekend with family)
  • Germany (visiting friends)
  • Belgium (visited)
  • Netherlands (visited)
  • The Vatican State
  • France (lived there for a summer, visited a couple of times)
  • England (on my way to other countries)
  • Spain (Canary Islands a couple of times)
  • Portugal (celebrating aunts birthday)
  • Italy (1 week with train)
  • Egypt (4 times for diving)
  • Thailand (2 weeks for diving and hanging out with family)


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