An Old Comic!

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This week I’ve been working very hard, like 12 hour days at my office, so I haven’t had the time to draw and paint that much. When I get home after 9 hours in front of a screen I just don’t feel like sitting down on my ass again and watch another screen. I need to get some of-screen time and some healthy exercise as well, or I’ll go mad.

The top image is a small comic I made back in 2006, haha! I may have been inspired by Explosm when making it, but it was fun non the less! The sunset is inspired by a beautiful sunset setting over Denmark, that I saw today. Malmö is quite close to the coast of Denmark,  clear days you can see all the way over the sea to Denmark : )

Other than that I followed the tutorial at Helgesonart and painted a study of a girl, which was fun. Learned a whole bunch again, even if it was hard work. No pain, no gain. The last time I followed the tutorial it took me four hours, this time I managed to get it done in three. Insane, but I’m learning.

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