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An Old Comic!

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This week I’ve been working very hard, like 12 hour days at my office, so I haven’t had the time to draw and paint that much. When I get home after 9 hours in front of a screen I just don’t feel like sitting down on my ass again and watch another screen. I need to get some of-screen time and some healthy exercise as well, or I’ll go mad.

The top image is a small comic I made back in 2006, haha! I may have been inspired by Explosm when making it, but it was fun non the less! The sunset is inspired by a beautiful sunset setting over Denmark, that I saw today. Malmö is quite close to the coast of Denmark,  clear days you can see all the way over the sea to Denmark : )

Other than that I followed the tutorial at Helgesonart and painted a study of a girl, which was fun. Learned a whole bunch again, even if it was hard work. No pain, no gain. The last time I followed the tutorial it took me four hours, this time I managed to get it done in three. Insane, but I’m learning.

How It Makes Me Feel When…


Made a small comic about who It makes me feel when I wake up early v.s how it makes me feel when I wake up late. But it’s really about it’s how you look at life, from what viewpoint and how much do you really know about what’s going on? I saw the sun rise today and it was awesome, it’s doesn’t matter it’s raining now, or if it’s raining tonight, for I already had the best start on this beautiful new day!

Another small comic about how it makes me feel when everyone else except me can drink coffee at the office.

But I got some awesome friends who love tea as much as I do!