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Goodbye Art Project

It’s that time of the year again, when I summarize what I’ve learned about painting and drawing during the last 365 days. It’s this small tradition since I have this thing for organizing my life in different chapters. You can read about my first year of making art like a crazy person here, and my second year here!


Some pages from my sketchbook, showing humans and faces, from 2012 to now.

Almost exactly three years ago I sat down and made a drawing of Bane from Batman. The finished drawing lit a spark of curiosity in me, and I decided I wanted to level up my art skills. So I mentally committed to “The Art Project”. I would try my best to level up my art skills during the following three years, just to see what happened if I gave my mediocre art skills some dedicated time and space to grow. I wanted to explore my art. That’s how the “Art Project” was born. I guess I just wanted to improve. And it was a quite naive goal, since the I was mostly thinking of the technical skills, not things as creativity, passion etc.


The evolution of my fruits and vegetables, lol!

I feel like this final year I’ve started to feel detached from the whole project itself. There has just been so much other things going on in my life at the same time. I’ve been very busy running my own, small company, I’ve been having some health issues (my leg is fucked up an hurts when I sit down) and so on. When I look back at what I’ve created year #3, it’s frankly not that much. I’ve definitely created some of my best stuff so far, but all in all I’ve done very little of it. I think it also has to do with something I briefly touched upon last year, the fact that since I’m working (mostly) all by myself at my office I don’t want to spend the nights as well all by myself in front of yet another screen. It makes me feel alone. Alone and sad. Too alone to have the energy or spark to create. I need other humans more than I need to make art. I also love physical exercise more than I love sitting down and making art. When I choose between drawing, working out or hanging with my friends art will always finish last. That’s just how I am. I can’t spend days looked away in an art dungeon, hehe.


Landscapes, from December 2012 to January 2015.

Going trough my stuff from the last three years tells me I’ve definitely improved my technical skills, but I feel like my creativity is not what it once was. I don’t dream of new worlds, I’m having a hard time going into flow when creating, and I’m looking at it all on a very technical level, analyzing and picking it apart. If you made me choose between technical skills and creativity and imagination, I would pick the creativity and imagination without even thinking twice!


Some digitally painted faces from 2012 to April 2015. Still find this the hardest object to paint : 3

So, I feel it’s time for a new chapter here. I’m done with the Art Project! It has been a great learning experience, but I want to move on to other things in life. I want to get to a place where I mange to get so much more joy out of creating stuffs, may it be by drawing or dancing or doing push-ups or whatever. I’m ready.

I’m happy I did this, and looking back I can’t imagine how much I learned. I’m also super thankful for all the lovely people who have followed me, provided feedback, bought my stuff on Society6 or just kept following my blog from afar. Big thanks, you mean a lot to me! Good bye Art Project : D

Three years fly by so fast.



Trends of Summer 2015


Just a small drawing I did on the train from Stockholm, showing the style and fashion trends of this summer! Some I really like, while others…not so much! But whatever floats somebody’s boat, right? Haha!

Going to Skövde tomorrow. I’m giving a lecture on video games stuff on Wednesday, on the Microsoft Game Camp. Gonna be a lot of fun! Meeting up with some old friends and all the students! I get so much energy from meeting with new people, especially creative ones.

Speaking of creative, the this August will mark three years since I stared my “Art Project”. Thinking a lot about what I’ve learned the past year, and about my yearly write-up. It feels like this year went by so fast it’s crazy. Also I haven’t been that productive this year (for several reasons). Well, until I write the new summary, feel free to read about what I learned during my first year of painting, and my second. Perhaps someone else can learn something : )

Winter Is Coming


A magpie I painted last night. I used some reference photos to get the coloring and the anatomy right. It was much fun, enjoyed experimenting with the snow and the mood. I named it “Winter Is Coming” since magpies have often been considered as bad omens or to steal shiny things, such as jewelry or shiny spoons. In fact they are highly intelligent creatures, and sometimes manage to solve tool-related problems that even chimpanzees can’t solve : )

I’m selling high quality prints of this painting over at my Society6 page if anyone’s interested!

Study VS Imagination

unnamed (2)

Sorry for potato quality of the photo. Quick tracing of an earlier study vs a face from imagination, next to each other, made on the beach. Quite interesting to see what differs. It seems like I tend to make the cheek area way to small when drawing from imagination. Also, I tend to misplace the cheek edge bones and make the top of the head way too small. Interesting!

My Internet connection is very poor at the moment as I’m traveling, but the good thing is that I found some time to actually read books again! I totally forgot how calming and immersing it is to sink into a good book and let it devour you! Right now I hang with my friends and family during the day, and work during nights when the beach is closed. Pretty sweat deal!

Eugene Lee Yang

unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

It’s hard to draw straight lines on a moving train. Sketched a bunch of faces today in my mini sketchbook. I’m actually having so much fun doing these faces at the moment. Feel like I’m learning so much, but even more important, it makes me feel so happy to draw! I won’t say where I’m heading at the moment, but if you want to figure it out I’m going to the same island as George R.R Martin ; )

Hello Handsome!


I totally like my small note book for making sketches. Doing face studies of handsome dues, what a great way to relax after a long day! If you like to view more work in progress and all the stuff that I make but don’t post here, feel free to bookmark or follow my Instagram: @saxen8.

Face Constructing

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed

Some faces from imagination, to relax and have fun! I play around with constructing heads and faces at the moment. Usually I draw a very rough sketch at first, using some colored pencils, then work on top of that with a black ball point. It’s very nice to see the drawing take form when I get to the ball point step, that’s where all the magic happens! It’s 100 times easier to do anything if you start out with a rough sketch or framework at first, and then build on top of that. This applies to a lot of stuff in life. Get your basics right before you add the frosting, even if the frosting is the part you enjoy the most.


This image of a small Kingfisher is something I painted the day before my painting of the Eagle-Owl this week, and it too was first a very rough sketch. I was testing out some stuff, just doing whatever felt nice. The real fun part was to play around with the mixer brush to create the huge flakes around the bird, after I was done painting the animal. I think it was fun because I got to harvest all the hard work I invested in the foundation, it’s like you set the stage and finally get to perform! It’s the part when you don’t have 100% control, you just play around and explore happy accidents < 3 Do you include a phase for happy accidents when you do creative work, or do you mostly follow a formula or a pattern? If yes, then why/why not? I know some people plan almost all of their work, while others plan almost nothing of it, just the very basics.

Eagle Owl


Here’s an owl I painted tonight in Photoshop, from the ground an up. I looked at some refs to get the pattern right, but it’s made totally by me. I use the mixer brush to get the shattering effect. This is an Eurasian eagle-owl, one of the biggest owls in the world.  I really, really love birds, always have. I think they are super fascinating. As a kid I used to draw tons of them an literally fill the walls of my bedroom with them. I collected feathers and sewed them onto clothes to create the best bird costume ever!

Right now I only want to paint fun stuff, no studies. If you feel like hanging this guardian on your wall and support my art career, feel free to check out my premium prints here.