berries_2_casen parrot_sara

Doing some painting. Here’s two photo studies of bright, colorful things! It was so much fun figuring out how to paint all the small details on the raspberries and the feathers in the parrot study!

2 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Andreas

    Looking good. I wonder how the parrot image would look with the background inverted, perhaps horrific but anyway. Feel the colors could have a tad more saturation to them but could be my screen.
    The raspberries, again just throwing out ideas. On the edges the green is quite to somewhat warm, towards the centre and overlapping the berries it’s very cold. The berries are cold red everywhere. It works well with the warm-green but having the red getting “warmer” towards the centre would contrast the cold green better, like the overlapping leafs.

    Something to play around with would be color transitions, which would help with defining certain materials, particularly translucent ones. Also multiple colors can be composed to appear as a single color but with more vibrant appearance. One of the classic impressionists used this extensively, George Seurat.


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