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  1. petya

    I am going to talk on TEDx this Saturday and I am gathering pics for booth babes as I will talk about gaming. Is it okay to use one of your pics and write (c) saracasen under? will it be a problem? thank you

  2. Maria

    Hey there!

    Name’s Maria, I live in Stockholm and I am an aspiring game designer. First I’d just like to say that it’s a neat page you’ve got here! It was much interesting to read about your own ambitions and thoughts.
    I am currently looking to improve my art as well as my game designing skills, so if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your experience (especially from working at Paradox) I’d be very happy to hear about it! Sadly I missed the last ”open-night” as I was in Gothenburg visiting a friend, but I hope to drop in next time ;)

    Kind regards, Maria

  3. Steve Noto

    Was curious what you thought about metrics for games dealing with cyber attacks. I design cyber games for training and calculating metrics at times are not so easy. CyberCIEGE is a game engine that is used at times as are a few others. Do you feel it is possible to gauge metrics for games that have a varied amount of not only outcomes but how the game may progress. No right or wrong answers just curious about your take on it.

  4. Debbie

    You don’t know me, but you have inspired me.

    Am Debbie and up coming in the art world. I come from the warm heart of Africa..Malawi (and yes it is an African Country)



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