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Some faces from imagination, to relax and have fun! I play around with constructing heads and faces at the moment. Usually I draw a very rough sketch at first, using some colored pencils, then work on top of that with a black ball point. It’s very nice to see the drawing take form when I get to the ball point step, that’s where all the magic happens! It’s 100 times easier to do anything if you start out with a rough sketch or framework at first, and then build on top of that. This applies to a lot of stuff in life. Get your basics right before you add the frosting, even if the frosting is the part you enjoy the most.


This image of a small Kingfisher is something I painted the day before my painting of the Eagle-Owl this week, and it too was first a very rough sketch. I was testing out some stuff, just doing whatever felt nice. The real fun part was to play around with the mixer brush to create the huge flakes around the bird, after I was done painting the animal. I think it was fun because I got to harvest all the hard work I invested in the foundation, it’s like you set the stage and finally get to perform! It’s the part when you don’t have 100% control, you just play around and explore happy accidents < 3 Do you include a phase for happy accidents when you do creative work, or do you mostly follow a formula or a pattern? If yes, then why/why not? I know some people plan almost all of their work, while others plan almost nothing of it, just the very basics.

4 thoughts on “Face Constructing

  1. Andreas

    Regarding planning. For me it depends a lot on the task, but I think a good plan provides a strong reference point for actually getting started as it eliminates uncertainty, however once executed your experience plays a greater role in what will happen presently during the process, tackling unforeseen situations etc.
    “Happy accidents” are just another tool, and I wonder how much of it is actually accidental once the image is completed. There must be some reason why we favor a certain outcome over the other.
    My “artsy” images are mostly happy accidents cause that’s what I set out to do, but as the idea takes shape there’s an element of deferred planning in the process as I try to figure out how to make the image actually work.
    For more design oriented tasks I like to do a fair amount of research partly because I’m a procrastinator but also because I like to learn things and it usually provides me with more ideas as well.

  2. Simon

    Ser man på! Det var ju precis det här jag ville se om hur du jobbade med färgpenna för skissen och sen svart tusch för definitionen så hade du redan postat det ett par dagar före. Sweetnice ansikten! Diggar särskilt hur fylliga läppar du tecknar. Keep it up och tack för fikat idag!

    1. Saxen Post author

      Tack, Simon! Väldigt trevligt med fika i veckan, hoppas det blir en återkommande grej snart ; )


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