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Got nothing worth showing, but I’m posting this face study from Game of Thrones anyways! I feel like most of the things I create at the moment end up really bad, but I know that mowing slowly is better than standing still. My mind is pretty occupied with running my company and doing regular workouts. Looks like I’m having a hard time running three big projects at the same time, so for now drawing will need to step aside a bit. Gosh, can’t believe it’s July already o_o

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Study

  1. Andreas

    This video gives some pretty interesting insights concerning feeling like your work is bad even though you’re actually improving. Recommend checking out this artist’s channel. Learned a bunch of things from him.

    Regarding the study. A tad much contrast. The original has a lot more red in the shadows. The skin almost appear wax-like.
    Seems you kept the brush size fairly big which is good, but it seems you got a bit caught up in the rendering and made the forms too smooth. The original face is actually pretty angular. Try to break the face up in polygons/planes and work in the transitions later.

    Too bad you’re pressed on time. A way to go about it, at least for the studies is to just keep things even simpler? Exclude any aspect that’s doesn’t feel too relevant. Example; if you want to get a better grasp of the form then just do value and don’t even bother about details.

    1. Saxen Post author

      Hey A, listening to the video right now. If this is good I’m gonna add this channel to my bookmarks. Speaking of inspiration/lack of it, my old colleague from Junebud (when Ola and I was working together for the first time) has posted a new post with a lot of inspiration and resources regarding this topic. Maybe this is something you would also appreciate? I found the two videos at the top to be pretty neat!

      About the study. I think I should narrow down what I’m studying. What I want to concentrate on is human faces, so I guess I should target this and not go all in for doing form AND value AND anatomy AND etc etc : )

      1. Andreas

        I’ll check them out.

        Hm, well a face is the accumulation of the things you mentioned to prioritize down, but what’s left is basically “structure”, which I may have mentioned before.
        “Structure” may be a bit of an ambiguous word. To me it means something that seems like it’s holding together well and basically makes sense in its own way. It’s a lot about what’s not seen really, just what’s perceived.. For a face all the structure comes down to the skull so maybe that would be a good focal point for you. Not to necessarily do studies of skulls but map out and be mindful of the skull that’s underneath. The cheeks in particular seems to be a structural core in a face. Come to think of it, while we can have odd brows, noses, mouths and chins the cheeks seem to maintain the most integrity and also are the most unforgivable if done wrong. Imagine a face with no cheekbones. It’s not a face anymore.

        Hope I’m making some kind of sense. Keep it up!

  2. Saxen Post author

    Thank you! You hit me on my weak spot: human skulls! I’m totally gonna check out how to construct the human head based mode on the form of the skull and not so much on the eyes or the lips. * leaps to the drawing board and googling skulls and heads*


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