Happy Summer

Finally managed to get myself a proper haircut!

Hi all, I hope you are having an awesome summer. Today is a very special day in the Nordics, we celebrate midsummer’s eve! Usually that means you get to see your friends & family, have a good time, eat and dance. Since I’m at least 800km away from my family right now I guess my friends will have to do for tonight (just kidding, love you!).

If you are interested in how to celebrate midsummer’s eve the traditional way, click here for a short and funny movie called “Midsummer for dummies”. It’s kinda spot on, and we celebrate much the same way in Finland where I was born. Did you know 9 months after this special day there’s a baby boom in both Sweden and Finland..? But there’s also plenty of car accidents around this special holiday since so many ppl are spending this day out in the nature or in their summer houses. Anyhow, here’s some pictures of my week so far, hope you enjoy and stay safe out there this weekend!

Late night board games with friends!

A very cool collection of real world bugs!!

I love taking notes the old fashioned way!

I got to walk the red carpet OMG!

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