Above: latest batch of stuff. I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques in Photoshop to paint the walker. Really using all the tricks in the book: custom brushes, masks, photo collages to sample color and texture etc etc… I know all that stuff can never make up for a good understanding of the core basics, a good foundation of the fundamentals in painting and drawing, but it was fun to experiment and just mess around. I want this to be lots of hard work but also fun. I create for fun, because the process in itself is fun. It’s thrilling to have a small hobby and get better at it. I don’t want to work with this, but I’m so happy I can fill my life with something that feels meaningful to me; art. Especially now when I’m in-between jobs I need something to focus on, besides the job hunting and waiting for things to clear up. My plan is to paint every morning until 12, then make some lunch, take a walk, do some cleaning and work out later on the day. Hunting for a new job is a lot about waiting. Waiting for someone to get back to you, or waiting for someone to make up their mind, so why not fill the time with meaningful stuff? This is a chance to do all those things you don’t have time for when you work 9-5. Oh well, I’m sure I will become lonely, desperate and depressed sure enough anyways : D

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