How To Fix Your Computer With Handcrafted Wood


Crafting a piece of wood to help my new hard drive stay in place. Feeling like MacGyver.


It’s hard to get some work done when this dog wants to play all the time ^__^

Running your own thing means to need to take care of everything concerning your business. Both doing the actual job and services you are selling, but also all the paperwork, the planning, making sure you got everything you need in the office, setting up meetings and learning about economics etc. So when my laptop decided to fly away to computer-heaven last week all I could do was to pack up my things, head home and try to solve this as quickly as possible (trust me, at 2 PM when you have plenty of work to do, taking care of your computer is the last thing I want to do).

So with a little bit of help I managed to locate the problem (my new hard drive as a little bit too small for the space where it should be placed, leading to a loose contact between the drive and the computer). The solution was to stack it up with hard paper, and to craft a piece of wood (an old cutting board) to fit exactly between the hard drive and the computer, keeping everything tight and in place. Since it’s a brand new SSD I’m not concerned about the heat, paper needs quite the temperature to start burning heh.

I’ve learned so, so much in just two months of doing my own thing. And not only about the business, but everything else surrounding it. I strive to improve and get better each day, learning from my mistakes, so far it’s been very exciting. Scary in a way, but I really feel free in a new way : )  I know everything rests on my shoulders, but for weird reason that only boosts me even more.

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