Inspiration: Simon Stålenhag

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve done some small changed the sidebar and the design of my blog? One of the changes is a small addition of friends and artists that inspire me when creating art. I’ve listed some of them on the right sidebar, and more is yet to come.

Last year some incredible images circulated on the web, showing low key sci-fi set in a alternative universe where dinosaurs live next to humans in Swedish suburbs, taking place in the 70’s. The images are made by the extremely skilled artist Simon Stålenhag. I was just blown away by these paintings. They look like a mix of oil paintings and photos, always filed with awesome design an a mood that goes straight to my heart. I can really feel those cold and grey winter landscapes he’s creating. I recommend you check out his Tumblr, it’s filled with sketches, paintings and drawings. All images in this post belong to Simon.

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