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I think I’m finally learning how to draw standing characters! It’s like I suddenly see something I’ve been missing for so many years. Usually my standing and walking characters look so stale and lifeless, all twisted and unnatural, but now…Looking at my old drawing it seems like I didn’t know stuff like how to place the feet, the weight of the hip, starting with the head when drawing a standing character, not applying perspective etc.

Last night I lay in the sofa to 03 AM, with windows open, just drawing, watching some GOT and listening to the black birds singing in the summer night. Life is pretty good right now in other words. It’s summer, I hosted a nice party last Friday, I’m healthy, I have friends, a nice apartment and my own company. I know life will not always be this nice to me, and I will probably somewhere in the future be miserable and old and sick with some strange disease, living in tent in the woods with crazy, inbred cats…but tight now everything is great. To my future self: remember this time of your life. OK, that’s enough bla bla for one post. Need to buy myself a new sketchbook, just finished this one.

Also, I finished my 4th album of images for The Art Project on Facebook. The albums can be found here if you want to have a look (they´re public):

Album V:
Album IV:
Album III:
Album II:
Album I:

One thought on “Life Is Good

  1. Andreas

    I see you’re getting more into gesture. Looking pretty good I must say. Only thing I notice on some is that the lines are rather short. Looks like it was a safety measure since you’re using ballpoint pen which is definitely understandable but try to keep the lines as light as possible. This way you can correct them by drawing new stronger lines on top, pretty much like with graphite or charcoal.
    It’s nice to see that you can handle yourself pretty well without many construction elements but it wouldn’t hurt to use them a bit more, like ellipses or beans, simple stuff like that. I’m particularly fond of the bean. By putting one ball on top of the other it gets a lot easier to construct bent poses.


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