Me winter 2012.

It’s funny. When you are a woman people like to comment on your looks; how you dress, how you should dress, how you shouldn’t dress, what you should wear. If you don’t wear enough clothes people called you slutty. If you look too uptight they call you an old lady.

Magazines rate the dresses of all the women going to the Oscars, Golden Globe or the MTV Awards. They gossip about if someone is getting fat, or if someone is getting too skinny. An actress can rise to fame if she make obvious statements like “I eat plenty of food and I like ma curves”. Politicians like Merkel, Rice and Clinton are commented on because of what they sport, not because of their brains.

I have worked enough with Photoshop to know 99,99% of the photos out there in celeb/fitness/fashion blogs and sites are manipulated.

I don’t really care about what someone might think about my makeup (if I ever wear any), or my clothes. I dress the way I want to, and put on what makes me feel good. When I was   a teenager boys used to make fun about my lips, and when I turned twenty I suffered from a bad skin condition.

I make an effort every now and then and put on a nice dress, but really, the place I feel most sexy is probably in the gym or on my surfing board.

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