LTD 48: Character Experimentation

I spent the weekend in Stockholm, hanging out with friends, attending game developer events and just doing some catching up. Paid a visit to Paradox’s offices and got a bit nostalgic ha ha! The view of the 24th floor is still amazing over there! Slept at different friends places and even build a fortress of cardboard boxes one night. Feels nice to be back in Malmö and sleep in my own bed again, but the stress of not having a proper job is getting to me for real now. If I don’t get good news this week I will soon need to start looking for a job outside the borders of Sweden. There’s a small voice in the back of my head that tells me this could be a nice idea, since I sometimes miss that feeling of when I first move to Sweden, six years ago. When everything was new and exciting. It would be nice to take part of a new culture once again, to explore a country and just flip my life upside down…


View from Paradox’s offices in Stockholm. Beautiful as always!

Here’s the latest batch of stuff for my personal Learning To Draw project. Next week I will be able to celebrate 1 year of drawing and painting daily! Already planning what to write in the big retrospective post : D Hopefully I will look forward to 365 more days of leveling my skills and creating artsy images!


I’m trying to push myself further by actually finishing drawings and paintings. I usually just rush trough stuff and leave them after 1-2 hours. That’s no good since it wont improve the quality of the images I make in the long run, and also it doesn’t help me to develop the necessary patience needed. This image of some kind of hunter is an example of me trying to invest more time in my stuff.


Character exploration. This was a lot of fun to do. I’m really trying to level my pose and anatomy skills. Did a lot of sketching in my notebook during the weekend, mainly standing humans, and it seems like the effort is paying off.


Some warm-up sketching.

My sketchbook at

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