Malmö Sketch Jam





Hi there! I’ve attended the weekly Malmö sketch jam tonight, and it was awesome! When I got home I decided to close down my thread (or at least abandon it and make one last post) on CA. I don’t feel like that place is where I wanna be, or that it’s affecting me in a good way whatsoever. It just feels hollow and elitistic. I don’t wanna spend any time there when I have the opportunity to hang out at sketch jams IRL or attend the croquis class every week. So FUCK THAT SHIT, yeah!

Also, work is nice atm. I’ve been on this game studio for almost three months now, and I’ve finally starting to feel like things are not as chaotic as when you start a new job. I really like my team and our project, and I can’t wait until I can tell you about it ^_^/

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