Midsummer 2014





Here’s some drawing from the past week. I got myself a new sketchbook that I’m trying to fill up as quickly as possible (since the paper was not what I was hoping for, so the faster I get this one filled I get to buy myself a new one!). Drawing plenty of gestures and standing characters right now since I find it to be so much fun! Other than that I’ve celebrated midsummer this weekend with my friends, which was so much fun! We played croquet, crafted our own Maypole and had a nice game of Bränboll (kinda like Baseball but without 90% the difficult rules). Super fun! Here’s two photos from the weekend a friend of mine shot. Cheers!


midsommar2014 176

2 thoughts on “Midsummer 2014

  1. Andreas

    Sketches looking good as usual. I could go over this and that I think could be improved but there’s not always the need for that really. I’m just glad to see that you’re keeping at it.

    The last pick of you with the bat is quite cool actually. Add some costume design, change the bat for a weapon and you could get a pretty epic picture indeed. Good pose to study anyway.

  2. Saxen Post author

    Thanks Andreas! I think I can definitely say I’ve bounced back from my low point that I experienced in April. I feel like drawing and painting again, and I seem to be making progress :) I’ve learned during The Art Project that sometimes you will hit a wall and it will feel like everything turns our like crap and you just wanna give up, but that’s just part of the process.

    The image of me with the bat is actually part of a series of future reference images me and my friend shot! I asked him to shoot some so I could have for drawing and painting later on ; D


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