The cat is finally out of the bag! This is the first ever official in-game footage from the game I worked on during my time at Tarsier Studios, almost a year ago. OvO is a very exciting game, about a very special little bird. It’s kinda like a bird simulator, mapped 1:1. I really hope the rest of the game hits the market at some point. Check out the post over at Tarsier’s blog!

All images belong to Tarsier Studios.

2 thoughts on “OvO

  1. Margel

    Hey Sara, what do you think to tell us a little bit more about your company casen crowd this blog, I’d love to! *-*

    1. Saxen Post author

      Hi Margel!

      Oh, my own company is not that big of a deal ^_^ I don’t make any games, I simply work with all the stuff around game development, like community, project management, lectures and other stuff. I might make a small post about it sometimes on this blog, but right now it’s simply not that interesting xD



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