Paris, Part 2

Some more shots from Paris, last weekend. I spent a summer in France when I was a teenager. Lived in a small town in Bretagne, trying to learn the language. To bad the family who let me stay in their home spoke Finnish, English and France. So I came back speaking fluent Finnish instead of France. Fail.

Someone left a bracelet in the bushes

When in Paris, this is always the closest I get to The Tower...Its like when I have been to Egypt about 5 times and never visited the Pyramids lol.

At the airport. Fun parking.


2 thoughts on “Paris, Part 2

  1. Lenon

    Beautiful pictures Sara. I am sorry that you did not have any opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower, when I go to visit Paris (yes, I will, at least I wish to!) I want to visit the Tower… this is the Paris postcard and one of my dreams to know it.

    I hope that in another opportunity you may go to visit the Tower and take nice and beautiful pictures as well as you always do! This is my first comment here, but I always pass by here, I hope I may comment often! I really love your creations, they are amazing!


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