Some Color Studies







Some color studies that I made today and yesterday. Note to self: I need to add more defined, sahrp edges into my paintings. I tend to blur everything a bit too much, like I did with the cave study. If you want to watch me stream some painting I do it regularly on own channel (link).

I also tried to paint a car today, but it just looked so horrible I’m way too embarrassed to show you the results. It’s like BAD. Really bad. Watched some Feng Zhu videos afterwards, trying to analyze what went wrong with the car. I guess it comes down to two things; 1. I can’t really draw straight, confident lines on my tablet, and 2. I don’t know enough about perspective and 3D forms. I’m really trying to catch up on perspective, but it’s just so Goddamn hard, and every time I try my hand at it I fail big time. I know I gotta bite the bullet if I ever intend to get past this, but I just keep on avoiding perspective…

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